Denny’s – Mechanicsburg, PA

Denny’s, located at 5505 Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg was one of our first places to try. It was….Denny’s, pretty much the same where ever you go. They were busy, but got us seated quickly and the service was good. We both ordered our regular choices, 2 eggs, hash browns, sausage and Craig had the coffee. The food came pretty quickly and it was good. Bill likes to call this type of breakfast “factory food” because it is so consistent (even looks like the perfect picture on the menu), but again, pretty good. Overall we liked the place, although it has a very commercial atmosphere.

Category                          Bill                          Craig

Eggs                                3                                     3

Potatoes                           2                                  2

Sides                               2                                       2

Drinks                             2                                       2

Service                            3                                       3

Cleanliness                      2                                      2

Atmosphere                     2                                     2

Totals                           16/21                               16/21

The price was about $17 for two people, getting near the high end of our medium range.


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