Fay’s Country Kitchen – Carlisle, PA

Fay’s Country Kitchen, located at 203 South Hanover Street in Carlisle got our attention because of the familiar local name and plenty of good internet reviews. Our visit was on a typical Tuesday morning at about 9AM. There is no parking lot so we had to park on the street. They were busy and had customers of all ages. The big glass windows give you a nice view of the street, the seating area isn’t extremely large and it had a lot of tables crammed in, so it was definitely close quarters. There was a short delay before they took our order and the food took a little while, but not too long. Fay’s claim to fame seems to be the pancakes, which everyone raves about. The blueberry pancakes were exceptional and very filling, ( Take out order for supper). Bill had the regular eggs and homefries, which were good, home-style diner variety. Overall, we enjoyed our visit to Fay’s and we would go back, if anything just to re-visit that close quarters, in-town, hustle and bustle diner feel.

Category                        Bill                        Craig

Eggs                               2                                  2

Potatoes                          2                               2

Sides                              2                                   2

Drinks                            2                                   2

Service                            2                                  2

Cleanliness                      2                                 2

Atmosphere                     3                               3

Totals                          15/21                            15/21

The price was just under $14, near the middle of our medium range.


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