Middlesex Diner – Carlisle, PA

Our very first breakfast place and one that we have gone back to several times since. Located at 1803 Harrisburg Pike, just about 3 miles west of Cumberland Valley High School (on what we like to call the Carlisle Pike if coming from the West Shore). It is a larger, busy local diner that has a good reputation for good food and reasonable prices. Aside from a few minute wait either being seated or checking out, this place gets you in, takes your order and serves up consistently good food pretty quickly. They never hurried us to leave and the refills kept coming. Overall, we both like this place and both bring our families and friends here, not just for breakfast. Notable: Usually very good home fries. Our scoring (based on several visits along with friends and relatives):  The sausage links are exceptional along with the omeletts.    

Category                   Bill                   Craig

Eggs                         3                              3

Potatoes                    3                           3

Sides                         3                              3

Coffee/Drink              2                          3 

Service                      2                             3

Cleanliness                2                            3

atmosphere                2                          2

Totals                     17/21                     20/21

The price is medium (between $10 and $19 for two people)


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