The Walnut Cafe – Mechanicsburg, PA

This was one of the first “new” places that we tried. The Walnut Cafe is located at 245 East Main Street in Mechanicsburg, but it is actually in the rear of the building so you have to turn down Walnut Street to see it. They have a small parking lot, otherwise you need to find a spot on the street nearby. This location has been a small diner for many years and we couldn’t really see where anything had changed except the name on the sign. There were just a few local people inside. We only saw one employee, a nice lady who seated us, took our order and ran the cash register too. The food was good, definitely a home style diner type breakfast.

Update 12-14-2010 – Ate there on 12/10/2010 and found out the restaurant had changed ownership. The interior had been upgraded slightly, with some fresh paint, but the new cook needs to work on his home fries. I ordered mine a little crispy and they took an extra 5 minutes and didn’t look any different than anyone else’s.

Category                  Bill                              Craig

Eggs                          2                                         2

Potatoes                    2                                       2

Sides                         2                                          2

Drinks                       2                                          2

Service                      2                                          2

Cleanliness                2                                         2

Atmosphere                1                                       1

Totals                     13/21                                   13/21

The price was around $12 for two.


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