The Colony House – Mechanicsburg, PA

We visited the Colony House Restaurant on Feb 23, 2010. It is located at 125 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. Although located downtown, they have their own parking lot. This place has been a fixture in town for many years, in fact their web site says that it was  a tavern as early as 1810. It was known as the National Hotel for over 100 years and was also known as the Paradise Bar in the 80’s( Bands & Rowdy) and is now the Colony House Restaurant. The front room in the restaurant has a very nice, modern atmosphere, however we were seated in the back room which is pretty plain-jane. The portion size was very good and Bill really liked the thick pieces of bacon. The home fries, sausage links and bacon were all cooked pretty hard, kind of well done. Bill doesn’t really like all that black and dark brown stuff in his home fries from being cooked so hard, but Craig likes it that way, so we differ on that point. The eggs were good diner style, over easy with pretty large yolks, they must use large eggs or bigger. So, the breakfast was good, with nice portions, but we both agreed that the highlight of this meal was the excellent service that we received from our waitress.

Category                         Bill                              Craig

Eggs                                2                                        2

Potatoes                          2                                      2

Sides                               3                                         2

Drinks                             2                                         2

Service                            3                                         3

Cleanliness                      2                                       2

Atmosphere                     2                                      2

Totals                            16/21                              15/21

The price was about $13.50 for two people, in our medium price range.


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