Brothers Family Dining – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday March 30, 2010 we decided to try Brothers Family Dining (locally known as the Brothers Restaurant) at 705 Gettysburg Pike in Mechanicsburg. We had both been here before, but it had been quite a while, so we were anxious to find out how breakfast was doing at this well known location. Brothers is a nice looking place, both inside and out, but the first indicator was that there weren’t many cars in the parking lot. The crowd was pretty sparse inside, a few business folks, a table of 5 guys that may have been a landscaping crew, and a couple of retired folks. The place was clean and neat and our waitress came right over. We ordered our usual breakfast, 2 eggs, home fries, sausage links and toast. The meal was served to us in less than 10 minutes, probably closer to 7 minutes, so it was pretty quick. The eggs were small, but nicely cooked. The home fries were really bland and needed a lot of salt and pepper to try to make them any where near decent. The sausage links were like miniature versions of the real thing and they were either cooked to death or they were some kind of boxed, microwave links. Either way, we weren’t all that impressed. The waitress was nice and attentive, probably the best part of our visit. Overall, this place wasn’t as good as it used to be.

Category       Bill           Craig

Eggs              2                      2

Potatoes         1                    1

Sides              1                       1

Drinks            2                       2

Service           2                      2

Cleanliness      2                    2

Atmosphere     2                    2

Totals            12/21           12/21

The price was $13.69 for two people, in our medium range.


Chick-fil-A – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday March 23, 2010 we decided to do something a little different. We visited Chick-fil-A in Silver Spring Square on the Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. The restaurant is relatively new, nice inside and out. The people were very nice to us and the level of customer service was definitely higher than at most fast food places. We both ordered the egg and sausage burrito meal, which came with hash brown type potato nuggets and a drink. The burrito comes with a packet of salsa that really makes it great. Kind of a south western style breakfast. We really enjoyed the food, they took our trays for us and even offered drink refills for the road. Overall it was pretty excellent and we will visit them again sometime.

Category                    Bill                   Craig

Eggs                           3                              3

Potatoes                      2                           2

Sides                          3                               3

Drinks                        2                               2

Service                       3                              3

Cleanliness                 2                             2

Atmosphere                 2                           2

Totals                      17/21                       17/21

The price was about $9.50 for two people, which falls into our low price range.

* This one was hard to rate because the side (sausage) was part of the sandwich.

Diener’s – Mechanicsburg

On Thursday March 18, 2010 we visited Diener’s Restaurant at 135 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. This place has been a fixture in town for generations. Apparently it was a drug store with a soda fountain originally (think 50’s & 60’s) and then changed into a restaurant. The place is very nostalgic, the long counter is still there, along with lots of old pictures of the town. We ordered our usual meal, the service was fast and the meal came out pretty quickly. While the meal wasn’t what we call picture perfect, it was very good and very filling. The home fries were the shredded type and the sausage link was real sausage, not some little microwave heat and serve thing. Craig made his meal unique by adding melted cheese to his home fry order. Special mention to the toast, this was like “Texas Toast” and almost made the meal too big to finish. Overall we liked this place, the meal was good, the ladies took good care of us and it has a very unique home town atmosphere that can only be imitated, but never duplicated.  Parking on main street only.

Category                  Bill                      Craig

Eggs                         2                                3

Potatoes                    2                                3

Sides                        2                                 2

Drinks                      2                                 2

Service                     3                                  3

Cleanliness               2                                  2

Atmosphere               3                                 2

Totals                      16/21                        17/21

The price was $15 for two, right in the middle of our medium range.

Peppermill Restaurant – Mechanicsburg, PA

On Tuesday March 16, 2010 we visited the Peppermill Restaurant at 1010 Wesley Drive in Mechanicsburg. Located in a small strip mall, the restaurant is nice inside with lots of seating, comfortable booths and a nice atmosphere. The hostess seated us right away and the waitress was at our table quickly. We ordered our usual breakfasts, 2 eggs, home fries, toast and sausage links for Craig, ham for Bill. Our meal came out so quickly that we couldn’t hardly believe it. It was almost like we had called ahead. The breakfast was picture perfect on the plate and even better to eat. The eggs, home fries, sausage and ham were all excellent. The ham even had the rind cut off around the edges. We were both very impressed with this breakfast, the service and a very nice dining atmosphere. This place is appealing and also recommended for dinner.

Category                    Bill                           Craig

Eggs                            3                                   3

Potatoes                       3                                   3

Sides                            3                                   3

Drinks                          2                                   2

Service                         3                                    3

Cleanliness                    3                                   3

Atmosphere                    3                                   3

Totals                          20/21                         20/21

The price was $9.50 for two (we ordered the special), in our low price range.

Summerdale Diner – Enola, PA

On Tuesday March 9, 2010 we visited the Summerdale Diner at 505 North Enola Road in Enola, PA. It was Bill’s first visit to this diner, Craig had been there before. The Summerdale Diner is a big, busy place, probably comparable in size to the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle. It was very busy that morning. We found it to be very nice, both on the outside and on the inside. Plenty of seating, lots of booths and tables and they seemed to have plenty of waitresses and help. We were seated right away and our waitress was there in less than a minute. She came right back with our drinks and took our order. The food came out pretty quickly too, surprising for such a busy place. We both agreed that the eggs were really good. The home fries were a little bland and we both felt they could have been cooked just a little longer. The sausage patties and bacon were cooked just a little too much. This was the only restaurant we have been to that left a carafe of coffee on the table for us to serve ourselves. This didn’t mean our waitress wasn’t watching though, she was right there to clear our plates when we were finished. Overall, it was a good breakfast.

Category                Bill                      Craig

Eggs                       3                                3

Potatoes                  1                              1

Sides                       2                                 1

Drinks                    2                                   2

Service                   3                                  3

Cleanliness              2                                2

Atmosphere             2                              2

Totals                    15/21                        14/21

The meal was about $11.75 for two, in our medium price range.

West Main Family Restaurant – Mechanicsburg, PA

On Tuesday March 2, 2010 we visited the West Main Family Restaurant at 710 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. This location was formerly Scotties Beef and Reef Lounge, but has been vacant for some time. As it turns out, the West Main Family Restaurant  opened here in February, just about three weeks ago. We like to try new places, especially when they are good, and this place turned out to be very good. We were impressed from the moment we walked in. Nicely decorated with all new tables and booths, nice carpet, it was warm, fresh and most of all, very clean and appealing. We were seated quickly, the waitress was very attentive and the food came out quickly. Picture perfect sunny side up large eggs, home fries, toast and sausage for $4.50. The home fries were especially good, Bill got the “funky fries” which had ham, bacon and onions mixed in and were covered in melted cheese (really good)! Craig got the sausage links which he rated as “very good”. They checked back with us several times and refilled the coffee and promptly took our plates when we finished. A really good breakfast at a very nice restaurant and best of all it was under $10 for two, the most affordable place we have been so far.

Category                 Bill                      Craig

Eggs                        2                                 3

Potatoes                   3                              3

Sides                       2                                  3

Drinks                     2                                   2

Service                    3                                  3

Cleanliness              3                                 3

Atmosphere             3                                3

Totals                   18/21                             20/21

The price was $9.60 for two people, in our low price range.