West Main Family Restaurant – Mechanicsburg, PA

On Tuesday March 2, 2010 we visited the West Main Family Restaurant at 710 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. This location was formerly Scotties Beef and Reef Lounge, but has been vacant for some time. As it turns out, the West Main Family Restaurant  opened here in February, just about three weeks ago. We like to try new places, especially when they are good, and this place turned out to be very good. We were impressed from the moment we walked in. Nicely decorated with all new tables and booths, nice carpet, it was warm, fresh and most of all, very clean and appealing. We were seated quickly, the waitress was very attentive and the food came out quickly. Picture perfect sunny side up large eggs, home fries, toast and sausage for $4.50. The home fries were especially good, Bill got the “funky fries” which had ham, bacon and onions mixed in and were covered in melted cheese (really good)! Craig got the sausage links which he rated as “very good”. They checked back with us several times and refilled the coffee and promptly took our plates when we finished. A really good breakfast at a very nice restaurant and best of all it was under $10 for two, the most affordable place we have been so far.

Category                 Bill                      Craig

Eggs                        2                                 3

Potatoes                   3                              3

Sides                       2                                  3

Drinks                     2                                   2

Service                    3                                  3

Cleanliness              3                                 3

Atmosphere             3                                3

Totals                   18/21                             20/21

The price was $9.60 for two people, in our low price range.


2 thoughts on “West Main Family Restaurant – Mechanicsburg, PA

  1. I have been to this place twice. They advertise Broasted Chicken on the sign outside and on the menue. It is not Broased. I watched them make it and it is done in a deep fryer, not a Broaster. The oil is clean, but it is not Broasted which is a trademark of the Broasting Company. This is false advertisement. Public, be warned.

    • it is definetly not false advertising it is cooked in a broaster. ive gotten broasted chicken from this place plenty of times and every time while sitting on the counter ive seen it come out of the broaster you can definetly tell the difference between broasted chicken and deep fried chicken.

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