Peppermill Restaurant – Mechanicsburg, PA

On Tuesday March 16, 2010 we visited the Peppermill Restaurant at 1010 Wesley Drive in Mechanicsburg. Located in a small strip mall, the restaurant is nice inside with lots of seating, comfortable booths and a nice atmosphere. The hostess seated us right away and the waitress was at our table quickly. We ordered our usual breakfasts, 2 eggs, home fries, toast and sausage links for Craig, ham for Bill. Our meal came out so quickly that we couldn’t hardly believe it. It was almost like we had called ahead. The breakfast was picture perfect on the plate and even better to eat. The eggs, home fries, sausage and ham were all excellent. The ham even had the rind cut off around the edges. We were both very impressed with this breakfast, the service and a very nice dining atmosphere. This place is appealing and also recommended for dinner.

Category                    Bill                           Craig

Eggs                            3                                   3

Potatoes                       3                                   3

Sides                            3                                   3

Drinks                          2                                   2

Service                         3                                    3

Cleanliness                    3                                   3

Atmosphere                    3                                   3

Totals                          20/21                         20/21

The price was $9.50 for two (we ordered the special), in our low price range.


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