Diener’s – Mechanicsburg

On Thursday March 18, 2010 we visited Diener’s Restaurant at 135 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. This place has been a fixture in town for generations. Apparently it was a drug store with a soda fountain originally (think 50’s & 60’s) and then changed into a restaurant. The place is very nostalgic, the long counter is still there, along with lots of old pictures of the town. We ordered our usual meal, the service was fast and the meal came out pretty quickly. While the meal wasn’t what we call picture perfect, it was very good and very filling. The home fries were the shredded type and the sausage link was real sausage, not some little microwave heat and serve thing. Craig made his meal unique by adding melted cheese to his home fry order. Special mention to the toast, this was like “Texas Toast” and almost made the meal too big to finish. Overall we liked this place, the meal was good, the ladies took good care of us and it has a very unique home town atmosphere that can only be imitated, but never duplicated.  Parking on main street only.

Category                  Bill                      Craig

Eggs                         2                                3

Potatoes                    2                                3

Sides                        2                                 2

Drinks                      2                                 2

Service                     3                                  3

Cleanliness               2                                  2

Atmosphere               3                                 2

Totals                      16/21                        17/21

The price was $15 for two, right in the middle of our medium range.


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