Flapjacks Pub (Paul’s Pancake Barn) – Dillsburg

On Tuesday April 13, 2010 we ventured down to Dillsburg to try the breakfast at Flapjacks Pub (which will always be known to locals as Paul’s Pancake Barn, the previous name). We had both been there in years past and we were pleasantly surprised to see that the place had been remodeled inside. Nice tile floor, new booths and tables, dessert case, small counter, etc. Looks pretty good. One wall at the entrance was pretty much dedicated to take-out beer, which you pay for in the pub at the rear of the building. We seated ourselves and checked out the menu. The lone waitress hadn’t offered more than a hello when we came in and she wasn’t exactly stellar at any point, including not even writing down our order. At first glance the prices seemed kind of high. Two eggs with home fries, and ham sausage or bacon was up around $5.50, heck even toast was priced at $1.49 on the menu. However there was a special that day, 2 eggs and home-fries for $1.79 and the waitress would add the side (sausage) for the menu price of $2.49, making the total about a dollar less than the menu price for the regular meal. Ok, we’re in, we both got the sausage as a side, Craig got patties, Bill got links. We waited for a while, possibly 10 minutes for the food to come out and the first thing we noticed was how small the plates were. The plate was full, but it wasn’t as big as my plates at home. We didn’t have a ruler to measure the plate size and this was the first time we had run into this situation, but we will watch for it in the future. Looked more like a Salad plate. The breakfast was good. The home fries were good and so was the sausage, nice big fat links and good patties. Until we were done eating, we were full. As we discussed the meal the waitress took our plates and offered Craig a re-fill on his coffee, which he accepted. Our total for two was $11.70, thanks to the special, but it could have been a few bucks more at regular price. Out in the parking lot we examined the bill closer and realized that when Craig was offered a coffee refill, he was charged for another cup! CHARGED FULL PRICE FOR A COFFEE REFILL! There it was on the bill: Coffee – 2@$1.29 each. We both felt that was not a standard practice and the waitress should have let him know. Out of 15 restaurants we have reviewed this was the only place that pulled that trick.

Category                       Bill                         Craig

Eggs                              1                                     1

Potatoes                         2                                  1

Sides                             2                                      2

Drinks                           2                                      1

Service                          1                                      1

Cleanliness                    2                                     2

Atmosphere                   2                                     2

Totals                        12/21                                10/21

The price for two was $11.70, in our medium price range.


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