Bakers Restaurant – Dillsburg

On Tuesday April 27, 2010 we traveled to Dillsburg again, this time to visit Bakers Restaurant at 515 N. US Hwy 15. The restaurant was upgraded inside and out a few years back and is now open 24 hours. The interior, while not huge, is very nicely decorated and comfortable. The hostess was very nice, the waitress came to us promptly and our favorite breakfast items were on special that day (2 eggs, home fries and sausage or ham $3.50). We ordered and our food was on the table in less than five minutes. Nice big plates, large eggs, big portions of home fries, with very generous portions of ham for Bill and sausage patties for Craig. As we ate we discussed how large the portions were, how good the home fries tasted, how nice the atmosphere was, and then, how full we were getting. This was definitely a very good tasting, very filling meal in a nice place for a good price. I have a feeling we will be back! By the way, the coffee was $1.29 and a pepsi was $1.69. Our total was $10.50, a good value considering what we got.

Update 1-20-2011  Bakers has been approved to add a 1500 sq/ft addition.

Category             Bill                Craig

Eggs                     3                         3

Potatoes                3                      3

Sides                    3                           3

Drinks                  2                           2

Service                  3                          3

Cleanliness            3                         3

Atmosphere            3                       3

Totals                 20/21                    20/21

The price was $10.50 for two, in our medium price range.

Be sure to check our Scorecard page to see how this restaurant compared to the others we have visited.


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