Camp Hill Diner – Camp Hill

On Tuesday May 4, 2010 we ventured to the Camp Hill Diner, located at 3449 Simpson Ferry Road in Camp Hill, PA. This restaurant has been here for quite a few years, it has survived a couple of fires and rebuild / remodel projects. The diner is nice both inside and out, with that very stylish diner look on the outside and a very home town diner look and feel on the inside. They had nice booths and seating, we didn’t feel crowded even though they were pretty busy. There were a couple of features that we had not seen anywhere else, the Camp Hill Diner has juke boxes at every booth, just like the old time diners. Very nice to hear some music while eating and even have the chance to play what you want to hear. The other very cool and innovative thing we noticed was that they had at least two big screen TV’s hanging at opposite ends of the dining area, tuned to the news channel, it was very nice to be able to watch the news as we ate breakfast. The waitress was very good and we ordered our standard meal, two eggs, home fries, toast and sausage (although Bill had bacon today). The meals came out in about five minutes and everything looked pretty good, except we noticed that the plates didn’t seem as big as some other places. The toast was stacked on top of the rest of our food and there was no place to put it when we started eating. This led to a discussion about breakfast etiquette and we agreed that we don’t like to sit our toast on the table to have room to eat. If these places are going to have small plates then they should offer a small plate for the toast or sides. Bill liked the bacon but thought the eggs were too runny and the home fries tasted funny. Craig liked the atmosphere most due to the tv. We will have to address Breakfast Etiquette on all our future reviews, We feel there are certain requirements that should be met for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Our total was $12.70 for two, not too bad.

Category               Bill                     Craig

Eggs                         1                             1

Potatoes                   1                           1

Sides                        3                              2

Drinks                      2                              2

Service                     2                              2

Cleanliness             2                                2

Atmosphere            3                                3

Totals                    14/21                          13/21

The price was $12.70 for two, in the low end of our medium price range.

Check our scorecard page to see how this place ranks against other local breakfast that we have sampled.


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