Hamilton Restaurant – Carlisle

On Tuesday May 11, 2010 we paid a visit to the Hamilton Restaurant, located at 55 West High Street in Carlisle. This is a well known, long established restaurant in Carlisle, famous for their hatchi dogs and hatchi burgers. The place was very nice, inside and out, everything was up to date, tastefully done and above all, immaculately clean. You could really tell that the owners are very particular and take great pride in their restaurant. We ordered our usual breakfast of eggs, home fries and toast, Craig got the sausage ( Home Made ) patties, Bill had the bacon. The meal came out in like 3 minutes and was delivered to our table by the owner himself. It was a very good breakfast, we had no complaints about the food, plate size or lack of a place to put our toast. The bacon was very crispy and good. In fact the meal went pretty quickly because we were both hungry and it was good food. Best of all, our breakfast for two was just $9, the best price we have had anywhere so far. Craig was so happy to be at the Hamilton he even ordered 2 hatchi dogs to go, Known for hatchi dogs you never leave with out them. We were very pleased with everything here. The Hamilton is the best for all types of meals, and the service has always been superb even over the past 30 years. This place is a home town favorite.

Category                     Bill                        Craig

Eggs                               2                              3

Potatoes                        2                             3

Sides                              3                                3

Drinks                           2                                 3

Service                          2                                 3

Cleanliness                  3                                  2

Atmosphere                  3                                3

Totals                          17/21                      20/21

The cost for breakfast for two was $9, which is in our low price range. Check the scorecard page to see how this restaurant matches up against others we have visited.


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