Kimberly’s Cafe & Creamery – Carlisle

On Monday May 17, 2010 we went to Carlisle again, this time to visit Kimberly’s Cafe & Creamery at 530 West High Street. It’s a cute little place, across from the Dickinson campus and has been in business in Carlisle nearly 12 years. The seating here is all tables, there are no booths. There is a small lunch counter. It was nicely decorated, although there was a distinct feeling that this building used to be something else. The floor was tile and there was some neon lighting fixtures around the edge of the ceiling, but they didn’t seem to be in use. At any rate, they had a handful of customers and we were immediately waited on. We ordered our usual breakfasts of eggs, home fries, toast and sausage. The meals came out in less than 5 minutes and it looked really good. In fact, it was really, really good….perfectly cooked eggs, great tasting thin cut home fries, and plump, tasty sausage links. We should mention this was the only place that ever offered more than white or wheat toast, they also had sourdough and a swirled type of toast if you wanted. The meal was great! The waitress was back to top Craig’s coffee at least 3 times,  not to mention served in a glass cup, which is exceptional and promptly took our plates when we were done. One of the best prepared and best tasting breakfasts that we have had.

Category              Bill                      Craig

Eggs                        3                               3

Potatoes                 3                              3

Sides                       3                                3

Drinks                    3                                 3

Service                    3                               3

Cleanliness             3                               3

Atmosphere            3                              3

Totals                   21 / 21                    21/21

Our meal was $12.82 for two, in our medium price range. Check our Scorecard page to see how this place compares to others we have visited.

Note: This was our 20th review.


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