Mechanicsburg Diner

On Tuesday May 25, 2010 we checked out the Mechanicsburg Diner at 4729 Gettysburg Road. This place has been on our list but we just got around to it, We were surprised as soon as we pulled in because the parking lot was nearly full. We squeezed into one of the last remaining spots and headed straight for the large awning covered deck, yes, outdoor dining! The inside restaurant was very busy, the deck was fairly busy too. Smoking allowed on the deck but not inside. Our waitress was an older woman and wasn’t shy about telling us that she was not having a good morning, Craig worked on her and by the time we left she was smiling. We ordered our usual breakfasts and settled in for what turned out to be about a 15 minute wait. However, when it came out it was worth it, the food was actually pretty darn good. Nice portions of ham and sausage, good eggs and home fries, nice big plates with plenty of room for our toast. Free refills on the coffee. All for $9.37 for two, yes, the absolute best price we have seen yet! No wonder the place is packed! Here’s what you gotta know about this place: the food and prices are great, the tables might be a little greasy, the decor is old posters and pictures of cars (50’s & 60’s), the waitresses may or may not be friendly, the menu was so greasy and fingered up that I felt like washing my hands after touching it. The deck was a nice touch if you didn’t look over the rail at the pile of old wood and rubber mats next to the giant mud puddle. If you can overlook those kinds of things, this place is great, and apparently quite a few people in the area think so, because the Mechanicsburg Diner appears to be doing a great business.

Category                    Bill                           Craig

Eggs                              3                                  3

Potatoes                        2                                2

Sides                             3                                   3 

Drinks                           2                                   2

Service                         2                                    2

Cleanliness                  2                                    2

Atmosphere                 3                                   3

Totals                        17 /21                            17/21

Our breakfast was $9.37 for two, in our low price range. Check our scorecard page to see how this diner compared to the others we have visited.


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