Iron Skillet Restaurant – Carlisle

On Tuesday June 29, 2010 we stopped by the Iron Skillet Restaurant at the Petro Truck Plaza at 1201 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. It was a pretty nice place, both inside and out. They have a restaurant and a store in the front, the truck parking is located in the back of the building. Since they cater to people that live and work on the road, they had just about anything you could want or need, including a coffee shop, a restaurant, dvd’s, even TV sets for sale. We went there to get our regular breakfast, but when we saw that breakfast buffet we just had to try it! The seating area was large and comfortable, with both booths and tables available. The buffet had everything, chipped beef, scrambled eggs, 2 kinds of sausage, bacon, ham, home fries, all kinds of fruit, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, french toast….wow, we were in breakfast heaven! The plates were…iron skillets, which added a nice touch. It seemed to be very clean, the waitress was nice, she brought Craig a carafe of coffee and my pepsi was served in a big glass, there was no skimping at the place. We went through the buffet twice and everything was good!  Our bill was about $21 for two, but Craig had a coupon for 20% off, which brought it down to $17.01, which is less than we paid for two regular breakfasts at the Silver Spring Diner. The Iron Skillet might be part of a truck stop, but the car parking out front keeps you isolated from the trucks, and it was clean enough and nice enough to be labeled “a nice place to take your wife and family for a meal”. We were very pleased.

Category                Bill                     Craig

Eggs                          3                            3

Potatoes                    2                          2

Sides                         3                             3

Drinks                       2                              2

Service                      2                              2

Cleanliness               2                              2

Atmosphere              3                             3

Totals                       17 / 21                    17/21

Our meal was $21 for two, but a 20% coupon brought it down to $17, in our medium price range.


John’s Hideaway Restaurant – Carlisle

On Tuesday June 22, 2010 we visited John’s Hideaway Restaurant at 302 North College Street in Carlisle. Bill had no idea this place even existed, but Craig had eaten here many times as a Carlisle resident back in the day.  There were quite a few customers that morning, and the waitress remembered Craig after all this time. We ordered our usual breakfast of eggs, home-fries, toast and a side (I had bacon, Craig had sausage). Our food came out in about 7 minutes and it was a pretty full plate. Everything had a very home cooked look and was very tasty. Four big strips of bacon, Craig said the sausage was really good. The restaurant itself was pretty standard inside, lots of booths, some tables in the back and a lunch counter with stools. The place hadn’t been remodeled in quite a while, but it was ok, the seats were comfy and the people were nice. Several customers said hello and talked with us, so I would say it is a friendly, home town kind of place. Overall, a good breakfast!

Category                     Bill                  Craig

Eggs                              2                          2

Potatoes                        2                        2

Sides                             3                           3

Drink                            2                            2

Service                         2                            3

Cleanliness                 2                             2

Atmosphere                2                           2

Totals                        15 / 21                   16/21

The meal cost us $12.30 for two, in our medium price range.

Ruppert’s Restaurant – Rossville

On Wednesday June 9, 2010 we ventured down to the village of Rossville to try out Ruppert’s Restaurant at 7491 Carlisle Road. It is located in the small plaza at the red light, along with the Rossville Beer Distributor. We were surprised to see that in this sleepy little village there were 3 restaurants and the other two looked deserted, while Ruppert’s was parked full. It’s not a big place, but seemed roomy enough. It was kind of rustic with rough wood paneling and wagon wheel chandeliers. One amazing waitress was taking care of the whole place and she was really on the ball. We ordered and had our food, easily all within 10 minutes. The food was pretty good! Home style home fries and eggs that were very tasty, the sides were equally as good, my ham was tasty and Craig really liked the sausage, which he said had a nice flavor. Refills on the drinks were frequent. It was a tasty breakfast that left us satisfied but not so full that we needed to go home to nap. We were nicely surprised with the check. These two meals of eggs, home fries, toast and ham, bacon or sausage were just $4 each. The drinks were included (coffee and pepsi). So our total for two was just $8.48, the lowest priced breakfast we have had yet. We even saw some wildlife as we had to stop on the Old York Road to let mama deer and two young ones cross the road. Overall, a nice little trip down to Rossville, and a good breakfast at a very good price.

Category                 Bill                                     Craig

Eggs                           2                                               3

Potatoes                    2                                             2

Sides                          2                                               3

Drinks                       2                                                2

Service                      3                                                3

Cleanliness             2                                                  2

Atmosphere              3                                               3

Totals                      16/21                                    18/21

Our total for two was $8.48, in our low price range.