Marie’s Cafe – Camp Hill

On Tuesday July 6, 2010 we cruised up the Carlisle Pike and stopped in at Marie’s Cafe, located at 4401 Carlisle Pike in St John’s Place (plaza). It was a very quaint little cafe, open from 7AM to 2PM for breakfast and lunch. It was nicely decorated and seemed very clean and homey. We ordered our usual breakfast of 2 eggs, home fries and sausage ( I had ham today). It took about 10 minutes, but Marie’s is a pretty comfy place to sit and the time flew by. Marie herself brought our food to the table, introduced herself and welcomed us on our first visit. The food was good, perfect eggs, home style home fries and tasty sausage patty. We liked this place a lot! They had counter seating for 12, plus 2 high top tables for two in the front window and then about 6 tables for up to 4 people. We both agreed that we would visit here again. Breakfast for two came to $16.01.

Category                                 Bill                         Craig

Eggs                                          3                                 3 

Potatoes                                    3                               3

Sides                                         2                                  2

Drinks                                       2                                  2

Service                                      2                                  3

Cleanliness                              2                                  2

Atmosphere                             3                                 3

Totals                                    17 / 21                       18/21

Breakfast for two cost us $16.01, in our medium price range. Check out the Scorecard page to see how this restaurant compares to others we have visited.

Marie’s Cafe was the 25th restaurant that we have reviewed.


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