Hi Life! Diner – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday July 13, 2010 we decided to try a new place that had just opened a few days before. It’s the Hi Life! Diner at 4890 Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg. This is the former location of Ruby Tuesday’s at the Hampden Center (near Karns and the movie theaters). The new owners completely remodeled the place, both inside and out. Fresh paint on the outside, all new flooring, booths and lighting on the inside. Also 2 big screen TV’s for your entertainment while you eat. They had a lot of employees on hand, but as we sat there the customers kept coming in, so they were ready. We had a really nice waitress whom Craig knew from somewhere else, man he knows someone everywhere we go! So we ordered our usual breakfast of eggs, home fries, toast and sausage for Craig, bacon for me. The meals came out in a reasonable time and looked pretty good. Nice size plates, a large size coke for me and plenty of coffee refills for Craig. The eggs were perfect, the bacon was good. The home fries were good too. We looked at the dinner menu too (it’s a 24 hour diner by the way) and it looked pretty good, entree’s between $10 and $15. Overall, we had a nice breakfast at a new place and the price was $14.63 for two, right in the middle of our medium range. We were happy with the meal and would eat there again. The new owners did a great job of remodeling and it appears that the Hi Life Diner will be a fixture in Mechanicsburg for quite some time.

Category                     Bill                                Craig

Eggs                              3                                      3

Potatoes                        2                                    2

Sides                              3                                      3

Drinks                            2                                     2

Service                          2                                      3

Cleanliness                   2                                      2

Atmosphere                  3                                     3

Totals                           17 / 21                     18/21

Our breakfast for two cost $14.63, which is in our medium range. Check our scorecard page to see how this place ranks with others that we’ve reviewed.


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