Local Restaurants Score Low in Technology, Social Networking

A good article in Readers Digest about restaurants and the internet / modern technology:  http://www.rd.com/home-garden/13-ways-your-restaurant-may-be-using-technology-to-woo-you/article183284.html

After reading it, I looked up all 26 West Shore restaurants that we have reviewed. The results are very disappointing. Here are some of the results:

Only 4 restaurants had a web site, and they were the big chains: Denny’s, Chick-Fil-A, Waffle House. Iron Skillet can be found under Petro Truck Stops. No locally owned places with a site.

Only 2 restaurants had a page on Facebook. Silver Springs Diner has a small fan page, Summerdale Diner has a fan page with over 900 members.

Few if any local places have taken the time to claim their business on Google and fill in their hours, etc.

Chick-Fil-A is the only place we have reviewed that offers Wi-Fi.


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