Fairgrounds Diner – Carlisle

On Tuesday July 27, 2010 we traveled to Carlisle to visit the Fairgrounds Diner at 1111 Spring Road. The parking lot was packed and there were even a lot of cars parked on the street. The place was very busy, we were lucky to get a spot. It was nice inside, up to date, not too fancy but nice. Right away of course Craig knew the waitress, Bonnie, who was just super! We ordered our usual eggs, home fries and sides, which arrived in a little under 10 minutes. Pretty good food, plenty of home fries, normal size plates and yes, they had toast! Bonnie explained that they did a great morning business during the week because they run a $1.69 special. They also open at 5AM on car show weekends. We were pleased with our meals and this was a place we would visit again. They also play music ( country ) which was a nice change.

Category        Bill       Craig

Eggs                   2               3

Potatoes             2             2

Sides                   3               3

Drinks                 2               2

Service               3               3

Cleanliness         2              2

Atmosphere        2              2

Totals             16 / 21          17/21

The total for our meal was $11.34, in our medium range.


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