The Chow Down Family Restaurant – Wellsville

Today the breakfast bloggers decided to cruise down to Rossville to visit the Chow Down Family Restaurant at 7523 Carlisle Road. As always when visiting a new place we didn’t know what to expect, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Open since May of 2010 the interior was practically brand new. They had a few tables of customers, a waitress that was fun to talk to and a TV set tuned to the news, so far so good and it only got better. We checked the menu and found that our favorite breakfast (2 eggs, home fries, toast and meat) was priced around $4, so hey, lets order! The food came out in less than 5 minutes on full size plates, large eggs, good portion of nicely browned home fries and the side orders were very good. My slice of ham was somewhere between a quarter and a half inch thick, no skimpy here. My Pepsi was definitely a large size and I noticed the waitress refilling Craig’s coffee several times. As an added bonus we had the pleasure of talking with the owner and meeting the cook, along with the rest of the staff. The rest of the menu looks really good, they have fried chicken to go, they have a senior menu, a kids menu, an all day breakfast and they indicated that they have a large room that is suitable for groups. Overall, we had a really good breakfast and this is a place that we would visit again. Thanks again Chow Down, it was great!

Category           Bill              Craig

Eggs                    2                         3

Potatoes              3                        2

Sides                    3                         3

Drinks                  2                        2

Service                 3                        3

Cleanliness          3                        3

Atmosphere          2                       3

Totals                    18/21              19/21

Our total for two breakfasts was $8.88!


Tracks End Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday August 17, 2010 we checked out the new Tracks End Restaurant on Arthur Avenue in Mechanicsburg. For those of you familiar with the area, it is a side street next to the Weis Market on Simpson Ferry Road. They just built a new hotel there behind the Auto Zone. The restaurant is attached to the hotel. They’re open 24 hours and seem to have reasonable prices. The restaurant has a train theme, hence the “Tracks End” name. We also found out that the hotel caters to Norfolk Southern Railroad workers that travel to the area to work at the Enola rail yard. So, we ordered our usual breakfast, which at this place is called the “Brakeman”. As usual Craig ordered the sausage and I got the ham. We had a choice between home fries and hash browns, we both opted for the hash browns, which were pretty good. Overall, we had a good experience here. The lone waitress was nice and attentive, the food was good and had a home cooked style. Everything seemed clean and neat, although the floor was a little sticky. Our meal was just over $12 for two. We agreed that it was an ok place and we might visit again, especially knowing that they’re open 24 hours and serve breakfast at any time.

Category              Bill                    Craig

Eggs                           2                          2

Potatoes                     2                         2

Sides                           2                           2

Drinks                         2                           2

Service                       2                            2

Cleanliness                2                            2

Atmosphere                2                          2

Totals                       14/21                   14/21

Our meal was about $12, in our medium price range.

Village Square Diner – Shermans Dale

On Tuesday August 10, 2010 we decided to travel to Shermans Dale and visit the Village Square Diner at 5201 Spring Road. Craig said he had been there before, although it had been quite a while. I had never eaten there before. The parking lot was fairly busy with customers and there were quite a few inside. It seemed like a fairly nice hometown diner type of arrangement, with several waitresses working and several tables and booths filled with customers. Our waitress was friendly and with little more than a glance at the menu we were ordering our usual, 2 eggs, home fries and sausage patties for Craig, ham for Bill. We didn’t have to wait long for our food. Our first impression was the size of the piece of ham that I got, along with the 3 nice sausage patties that came with Craig’s meal. We didn’t hesitate, we dug right in. How was it? The eggs were nice size, the home fries were perfect, the ham was great and Craig said the sausage was really good. By the time I finished my eggs and home fries I was a little worried because I still had a lot of ham to go, as well as another piece of toast. Craig appeared to be thinking the same thing. By the time we finished we had watched a steady stream of customers pulling in and coming into the diner and we knew why. The breakfast we had just eaten was very, very good! No complaints about anything, including the price, which was $4.25 each and a dollar for a coffee. We just couldn’t get over how good that breakfast was! I personally didn’t eat again until supper. Only about 15-20 minutes from Mechanicsburg or Carlisle, this is a place that we would visit again. Oh, and by the way, they have TV and free wireless internet.

Category         Bill            Craig

Eggs                   2                        2

Potatoes             3                      3    

Sides                  3                         3

Drinks                2                         2

Service               3                        3 

Cleanliness        2                        2

Atmosphere        3                      3

Totals                18/21               18/21

Our total was $11.42 for two, in our medium range, and a bargain considering the quantity and quality of the meal.

Brick House Family Restaurant – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 3, 2010 we went to Carlisle to visit the The Brick House Family Restaurant at 160 York Road, which is on Rt 74 across from Lowes. This place used to be called Little John’s and also the York Road Diner. The restaurant was very nice both inside and out, but the interior was especially nice. They had quite a few ceiling fans and they were on, which made for a very comfortable visit. We liked the the breakfast menu which was very straight forward, for example #1 2 eggs + home fries, #2 2 eggs, home fries and bacon, #3 2 eggs, home fries and ham, etc. Of course that coincides with our normal choices so of course Craig ordered the sausage (links) and I ordered the ham. Our food came out quickly, which it should have since there were hardly any other customers. The plates were good size, the portions were good, the food was good. The home fries had just a hint of brown on them, maybe they could have been cooked just a little longer, the eggs were medium size, and the sides of ham and sausage were really good, both in size and quality. Our waitress was good, she refilled Craig’s coffee and took our plates quickly when we were done, but she didn’t over do it by coming around too much. We checked the lunch and dinner menu and it was huge, with everything from kids meals to steaks and everything in between. The prices didn’t seem too bad. They even had a dinner for two for $20 special. It was a little surprising that such a nice place with such a great menu would have so few customers, especially when we have been to some other local places that pack the parking lots on a Tuesday morning. Our breakfast for two came to just over $12, in our medium price range.

Category        Bill               Craig

Eggs                  2                      2

Potatoes            1                     2

Sides                  2                      2

Drinks                2                      2

Service               2                      2

Cleanliness        2                      2

Atmosphere        3                    3

Totals                14/21           15/21

Our total was about $12.42, in our medium price range. Be sure to check the scorecard page to see how this place ranks with the other 28 places we have visited.