Brick House Family Restaurant – Carlisle

On Tuesday August 3, 2010 we went to Carlisle to visit the The Brick House Family Restaurant at 160 York Road, which is on Rt 74 across from Lowes. This place used to be called Little John’s and also the York Road Diner. The restaurant was very nice both inside and out, but the interior was especially nice. They had quite a few ceiling fans and they were on, which made for a very comfortable visit. We liked the the breakfast menu which was very straight forward, for example #1 2 eggs + home fries, #2 2 eggs, home fries and bacon, #3 2 eggs, home fries and ham, etc. Of course that coincides with our normal choices so of course Craig ordered the sausage (links) and I ordered the ham. Our food came out quickly, which it should have since there were hardly any other customers. The plates were good size, the portions were good, the food was good. The home fries had just a hint of brown on them, maybe they could have been cooked just a little longer, the eggs were medium size, and the sides of ham and sausage were really good, both in size and quality. Our waitress was good, she refilled Craig’s coffee and took our plates quickly when we were done, but she didn’t over do it by coming around too much. We checked the lunch and dinner menu and it was huge, with everything from kids meals to steaks and everything in between. The prices didn’t seem too bad. They even had a dinner for two for $20 special. It was a little surprising that such a nice place with such a great menu would have so few customers, especially when we have been to some other local places that pack the parking lots on a Tuesday morning. Our breakfast for two came to just over $12, in our medium price range.

Category        Bill               Craig

Eggs                  2                      2

Potatoes            1                     2

Sides                  2                      2

Drinks                2                      2

Service               2                      2

Cleanliness        2                      2

Atmosphere        3                    3

Totals                14/21           15/21

Our total was about $12.42, in our medium price range. Be sure to check the scorecard page to see how this place ranks with the other 28 places we have visited.


One thought on “Brick House Family Restaurant – Carlisle

  1. On 3/19 went to have dinner, found restaurant temporarily closed. What a disappointment. No reason given on notice on door.

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