Tracks End Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday August 17, 2010 we checked out the new Tracks End Restaurant on Arthur Avenue in Mechanicsburg. For those of you familiar with the area, it is a side street next to the Weis Market on Simpson Ferry Road. They just built a new hotel there behind the Auto Zone. The restaurant is attached to the hotel. They’re open 24 hours and seem to have reasonable prices. The restaurant has a train theme, hence the “Tracks End” name. We also found out that the hotel caters to Norfolk Southern Railroad workers that travel to the area to work at the Enola rail yard. So, we ordered our usual breakfast, which at this place is called the “Brakeman”. As usual Craig ordered the sausage and I got the ham. We had a choice between home fries and hash browns, we both opted for the hash browns, which were pretty good. Overall, we had a good experience here. The lone waitress was nice and attentive, the food was good and had a home cooked style. Everything seemed clean and neat, although the floor was a little sticky. Our meal was just over $12 for two. We agreed that it was an ok place and we might visit again, especially knowing that they’re open 24 hours and serve breakfast at any time.

Category              Bill                    Craig

Eggs                           2                          2

Potatoes                     2                         2

Sides                           2                           2

Drinks                         2                           2

Service                       2                            2

Cleanliness                2                            2

Atmosphere                2                          2

Totals                       14/21                   14/21

Our meal was about $12, in our medium price range.


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