The Chow Down Family Restaurant – Wellsville

Today the breakfast bloggers decided to cruise down to Rossville to visit the Chow Down Family Restaurant at 7523 Carlisle Road. As always when visiting a new place we didn’t know what to expect, but we were very pleasantly surprised! Open since May of 2010 the interior was practically brand new. They had a few tables of customers, a waitress that was fun to talk to and a TV set tuned to the news, so far so good and it only got better. We checked the menu and found that our favorite breakfast (2 eggs, home fries, toast and meat) was priced around $4, so hey, lets order! The food came out in less than 5 minutes on full size plates, large eggs, good portion of nicely browned home fries and the side orders were very good. My slice of ham was somewhere between a quarter and a half inch thick, no skimpy here. My Pepsi was definitely a large size and I noticed the waitress refilling Craig’s coffee several times. As an added bonus we had the pleasure of talking with the owner and meeting the cook, along with the rest of the staff. The rest of the menu looks really good, they have fried chicken to go, they have a senior menu, a kids menu, an all day breakfast and they indicated that they have a large room that is suitable for groups. Overall, we had a really good breakfast and this is a place that we would visit again. Thanks again Chow Down, it was great!

Category           Bill              Craig

Eggs                    2                         3

Potatoes              3                        2

Sides                    3                         3

Drinks                  2                        2

Service                 3                        3

Cleanliness          3                        3

Atmosphere          2                       3

Totals                    18/21              19/21

Our total for two breakfasts was $8.88!


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