TJ Homestyle – New Cumberland

On Tuesday September 14, 2010 we tried TJ Homestyle Breakfast and Lunch at 600 Bridge Street in New Cumberland. This is one of those places that you drive past all the time and just never stop in. It isn’t fancy on the outside, the parking area is small and it doesn’t look inviting. Inside it is small, about 10 tables and a short lunch counter. The table cloths didn’t all match and there was no official hostess so we just picked a table and sat down. The only ray of hope was that they were busy, and we soon found out why. Craig ordered the 2 eggs, home fries and sausage ($4.75) and Bill got the Chile and Cheddar Omelette ($5.35). Both breakfasts were very good, the home fries were just about perfect. Craig liked the eggs and sausage patties, Bill thought the omelette was to die for, almost more than a meal, it was extremely good. We now understand that although small and understated this place prides itself on the quality of the cooking and the food they serve. It was really, really good. A real hidden gem of a restaurant.

Category              Bill                Craig

Eggs                         3                       3

Potatoes                   3                     3

Sides                         3                       2

Drinks                       2                        2

Service                      2                       2

Atmosphere              2                      2

Cleanliness               2                         2

Totals                       17/21            16/21

Our total for two was $14.10.