Laura’s Family Restaurant – Mount Holly Springs

On Tuesday October 26, 2010 we cruised over to Laura’s Family Restaurant at 425 North Baltimore Avenue in Mount Holly Springs. The front of the building is an ice cream stand in the summer but closes in mid September. The restaurant is located in the rear of the building. It looks like there is some exterior remodeling going on, they were putting a stone facing on the front of the building. We drove past the workers and parked in the back parking lot. The interior wasn’t too bad, a nice entry way with bathrooms and the check-out area opened into a large room. The decor was country style and there was country music playing on a boom box on the window sill. Our waitress (Misty) got us drinks right away and we ordered from a menu of standard breakfast items, although we should mention they offered the “Mt Holly” which was a large stack of biscuits and gravy for $6.49. We ordered our standard 2 eggs, potatoes and meat, Craig got the sausage links, Bill ordered the ham. Laura herself came out of the kitchen long enough to acknowledge us with a smile and a wave, then disappeared back into the kitchen to cook our breakfast, which arrived in about 5 minutes. It was a nice, large plate of food, the potatoes were well cooked, everything looked really good. The ham slice was nice size, but thin. The sausage links looked good, but Craig indicated they were ok, not spectacular. Looking around we could see that it mostly an older, local crowd, many people seemed to know each other, as well as Misty and Laura. Overall, not a bad place to eat, very hometown local dining. If we would compare Laura’s with the other restaurant in Mount Holly, Bill’s, we would have to say that Laura’s was a nicer, more comfortable restaurant, but Bill’s served us better side orders of ham and sausage.

Category                   Bill                        Craig

Eggs                             2                                  2

Potatoes                      2                                 2

Sides                            2                                   1

Drinks                          2                                    2

Service                        2                                    2

Atmosphere                2                                  2

Cleanliness                2                                      2

Totals                    14 / 21                           13/21

Our breakfast was $12.25 for two, in our medium price range.


West Shore Plaza Family Restaurant – Lemoyne

On Tuesday October 19, 2010 we ventured into the West Shore Plaza Family Restaurant, located in the West Shore Plaza at 1200 Market Street in Lemoyne. From the parking lot we could just see a sign above the establishment that said “Restaurant”. It looked like a single store front, in other words, not very big. Not so, we found when we walked inside. A very large interior, well decorated in a country style theme, with seating for about 100 people. There were about 35 people dining at various tables and booths, no one was crowded, many were reading the paper. It looked very comfortable and clean. After placing our drink order we were approached by our waiter, yes I said waiter, complete with black pants, white shirt and a black tie. We soon noticed that all of the servers wore that same outfit, a very nice touch.  We ordered our usual breakfast, but we note that this restaurant offered ham, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage or scrapple, which is quite a variety of breakfast meats. Craig ordered the sausage, Bill ordered the turkey sausage. The breakfasts arrived in about 3-4 minutes, extremely quick and the waiter carried them on a tray held high. The breakfasts looked very good, full size plates, nice portions, 4 links of turkey sausage, 3 links of regular. We had a nice breakfast, everything was good. The potatoes could have been a little better, we suspect that they cook lots of home fries ahead and they seemed like they weren’t “hot off the grill” but maybe that is their way of getting breakfasts out quickly with little wait time. The turkey sausage was excellent and the eggs were very good. Slightly soggy toast, maybe buttered in advance and waiting a little too long, kind of like the potatoes. Overall we had  very good breakfasts priced at $5.95 each. We were impressed enough to ponder trying them for supper some time.

Category             Bill                Craig

Eggs                        2                       3

Potatoes                  2                    2 

Sides                       3                        2

Drinks                    2                         2

Service                    3                       3

Atmosphere            3                     3

Cleanliness             3                       3

Totals                    18/21                   18/21

The total for our two meals was about $14.

Summit Restaurant – Camp Hill

On Tuesday October 12, 2010 we decided to try the Summit Family Restaurant at 2210 Gettysburg Road in Camp Hill. To start off with, the large parking lot was packed, which is always a good sign. The restaurant was very nice on the inside, lots of tables and booths, as well as a long lunch counter. Although it seemed like a “seat yourself” situation the waitress came to us as soon as we found an empty booth. We ordered our usual breakfasts of eggs, home fries and meat and settled down with our drinks, which were promptly delivered. Looking around we noticed that the restaurant was nicely decorated and seemed spotlessly clean. The service was really good and the food came out amazingly fast considering how busy they were. When the waitress put the plates on the table they were picture perfect…large plates, completely full with two perfectly cooked eggs, perfectly cooked home fries, the sausage and ham was also just right and there was plenty of it. This was one of the best prepared, best presented and best tasting breakfast that we have had, definitely in the top 10, probably in the top 5 out of 36 restaurants that we have sampled. We really liked this place and the price was very reasonable too, about $11.66 for two. Note: we stopped back on Thursday of the same week for lunch and it was good too!

Category                   Bill                  Craig

Eggs                             3                          3

Potatoes                       3                         3

Sides                             3                           3

Drinks                          2                             2

Service                         3                            3

Atmosphere                 3                           2

Cleanliness                  3                             3

Totals                         20 / 21                   19/21

Our total for two people was $11.66, a very good value for the money

Bill’s Restaurant – Mount Holly Springs

On Tuesday October 5, 2010 we visited Bill’s Restaurant at 230 North Baltimore Avenue in Mount Holly Springs. Located right on the main street this is a little hole in the wall place that has been there since the 1960’s and apparently hasn’t changed much. The original restaurant had a lunch counter and several two person booths and then expanded to the building next door to add additional dining space in the form of four person booths. The restaurant is still family owned and operated although Bill passed away about 10 years ago. We ordered our usual breakfasts which include 2 eggs, home fries, toast and sausage for Craig, ham for Bill. After taking our order the owner went back in the kitchen and cooked it himself. About ten minutes later  a waitress appeared with our food. Everything was cooked as we had ordered, the eggs were good, the home fries were very good and the sides of meat were super. Craig got two extra large pieces of sausage and Bill got a really big piece of country ham. The meal was just pretty darn good. We talked and joked around with the owner and the waitress and generally had a pretty good visit. It wasn’t fancy and it was pretty tight quarters at the lunch counter, but the food was good here.  We would stop back again.

Category                    Bill                            Craig

Eggs                              2                                 3

Potatoes                        3                               3

Sides                              3                                 3

Drinks                           2                                  2

Service                          2                                  2

Atmosphere                  1                                  1

Cleanliness                   2                                    2  

Totals                          15/21                         16/21

Our total was about $12 for two people.

Country Chef – Carlisle

On Tuesday September 28, 2010 we visited the Country Chef at 2891 Spring Road in Carlisle. This restaurant is a few miles outside of town and it’s not too fancy on the outside, in fact you might tend to drive by and hardly notice it. On this day there were a couple cars out front and a small lighted sign that said “open”, so we parked and went on in. The interior was a very pleasant surprise, it was a pretty big place with a rustic decor, very warm and cozy. The waitress was nice and took our drink order right away, when she returned I was a little surprised that my pepsi came in a can with a glass of ice. We ordered our regular breakfasts, 2 eggs, home fries, toast and meat, Craig got the sausage patties, Bill ordered the bacon. Then the waitress threw us a curve ball, “How exactly do you want your home fries cooked?” she said. Well that was a new one for us, no one had ever asked us that before…so after some discussion we decided to go for “crispy”. We waited 10-15 minutes for our food, it was a little longer than usual, but when it came out we were very pleased. The eggs were large and very good. The home fires were sliced thin and were cooked “crispy”, exactly as we had ordered. Craig was real pleased with the sausage patties, they were pretty big and he got two of them. Bill got 3 strips of bacon. The owner/cook even came out to ask us if everything was cooked ok, which it was. We were very pleased with our meal and the price wasn’t too bad, $12.46 for two.

Category                  Bill                        Craig

Eggs                            2                                3  

Potatoes                      3                              3

Sides                            2                                3

Drinks                         2                                 2

Service                        2                                 2

Cleanliness                 2                                 2

Atmosphere                 2                               2

Totals                          15/21                    17/21

Our meal was $12.46 for two people, in our medium range.