Country Chef – Carlisle

On Tuesday September 28, 2010 we visited the Country Chef at 2891 Spring Road in Carlisle. This restaurant is a few miles outside of town and it’s not too fancy on the outside, in fact you might tend to drive by and hardly notice it. On this day there were a couple cars out front and a small lighted sign that said “open”, so we parked and went on in. The interior was a very pleasant surprise, it was a pretty big place with a rustic decor, very warm and cozy. The waitress was nice and took our drink order right away, when she returned I was a little surprised that my pepsi came in a can with a glass of ice. We ordered our regular breakfasts, 2 eggs, home fries, toast and meat, Craig got the sausage patties, Bill ordered the bacon. Then the waitress threw us a curve ball, “How exactly do you want your home fries cooked?” she said. Well that was a new one for us, no one had ever asked us that before…so after some discussion we decided to go for “crispy”. We waited 10-15 minutes for our food, it was a little longer than usual, but when it came out we were very pleased. The eggs were large and very good. The home fires were sliced thin and were cooked “crispy”, exactly as we had ordered. Craig was real pleased with the sausage patties, they were pretty big and he got two of them. Bill got 3 strips of bacon. The owner/cook even came out to ask us if everything was cooked ok, which it was. We were very pleased with our meal and the price wasn’t too bad, $12.46 for two.

Category                  Bill                        Craig

Eggs                            2                                3  

Potatoes                      3                              3

Sides                            2                                3

Drinks                         2                                 2

Service                        2                                 2

Cleanliness                 2                                 2

Atmosphere                 2                               2

Totals                          15/21                    17/21

Our meal was $12.46 for two people, in our medium range.


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