Bill’s Restaurant – Mount Holly Springs

On Tuesday October 5, 2010 we visited Bill’s Restaurant at 230 North Baltimore Avenue in Mount Holly Springs. Located right on the main street this is a little hole in the wall place that has been there since the 1960’s and apparently hasn’t changed much. The original restaurant had a lunch counter and several two person booths and then expanded to the building next door to add additional dining space in the form of four person booths. The restaurant is still family owned and operated although Bill passed away about 10 years ago. We ordered our usual breakfasts which include 2 eggs, home fries, toast and sausage for Craig, ham for Bill. After taking our order the owner went back in the kitchen and cooked it himself. About ten minutes later  a waitress appeared with our food. Everything was cooked as we had ordered, the eggs were good, the home fries were very good and the sides of meat were super. Craig got two extra large pieces of sausage and Bill got a really big piece of country ham. The meal was just pretty darn good. We talked and joked around with the owner and the waitress and generally had a pretty good visit. It wasn’t fancy and it was pretty tight quarters at the lunch counter, but the food was good here.  We would stop back again.

Category                    Bill                            Craig

Eggs                              2                                 3

Potatoes                        3                               3

Sides                              3                                 3

Drinks                           2                                  2

Service                          2                                  2

Atmosphere                  1                                  1

Cleanliness                   2                                    2  

Totals                          15/21                         16/21

Our total was about $12 for two people.


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