Summit Restaurant – Camp Hill

On Tuesday October 12, 2010 we decided to try the Summit Family Restaurant at 2210 Gettysburg Road in Camp Hill. To start off with, the large parking lot was packed, which is always a good sign. The restaurant was very nice on the inside, lots of tables and booths, as well as a long lunch counter. Although it seemed like a “seat yourself” situation the waitress came to us as soon as we found an empty booth. We ordered our usual breakfasts of eggs, home fries and meat and settled down with our drinks, which were promptly delivered. Looking around we noticed that the restaurant was nicely decorated and seemed spotlessly clean. The service was really good and the food came out amazingly fast considering how busy they were. When the waitress put the plates on the table they were picture perfect…large plates, completely full with two perfectly cooked eggs, perfectly cooked home fries, the sausage and ham was also just right and there was plenty of it. This was one of the best prepared, best presented and best tasting breakfast that we have had, definitely in the top 10, probably in the top 5 out of 36 restaurants that we have sampled. We really liked this place and the price was very reasonable too, about $11.66 for two. Note: we stopped back on Thursday of the same week for lunch and it was good too!

Category                   Bill                  Craig

Eggs                             3                          3

Potatoes                       3                         3

Sides                             3                           3

Drinks                          2                             2

Service                         3                            3

Atmosphere                 3                           2

Cleanliness                  3                             3

Totals                         20 / 21                   19/21

Our total for two people was $11.66, a very good value for the money


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