West Shore Plaza Family Restaurant – Lemoyne

On Tuesday October 19, 2010 we ventured into the West Shore Plaza Family Restaurant, located in the West Shore Plaza at 1200 Market Street in Lemoyne. From the parking lot we could just see a sign above the establishment that said “Restaurant”. It looked like a single store front, in other words, not very big. Not so, we found when we walked inside. A very large interior, well decorated in a country style theme, with seating for about 100 people. There were about 35 people dining at various tables and booths, no one was crowded, many were reading the paper. It looked very comfortable and clean. After placing our drink order we were approached by our waiter, yes I said waiter, complete with black pants, white shirt and a black tie. We soon noticed that all of the servers wore that same outfit, a very nice touch.  We ordered our usual breakfast, but we note that this restaurant offered ham, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage or scrapple, which is quite a variety of breakfast meats. Craig ordered the sausage, Bill ordered the turkey sausage. The breakfasts arrived in about 3-4 minutes, extremely quick and the waiter carried them on a tray held high. The breakfasts looked very good, full size plates, nice portions, 4 links of turkey sausage, 3 links of regular. We had a nice breakfast, everything was good. The potatoes could have been a little better, we suspect that they cook lots of home fries ahead and they seemed like they weren’t “hot off the grill” but maybe that is their way of getting breakfasts out quickly with little wait time. The turkey sausage was excellent and the eggs were very good. Slightly soggy toast, maybe buttered in advance and waiting a little too long, kind of like the potatoes. Overall we had  very good breakfasts priced at $5.95 each. We were impressed enough to ponder trying them for supper some time.

Category             Bill                Craig

Eggs                        2                       3

Potatoes                  2                    2 

Sides                       3                        2

Drinks                    2                         2

Service                    3                       3

Atmosphere            3                     3

Cleanliness             3                       3

Totals                    18/21                   18/21

The total for our two meals was about $14.


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