Laura’s Family Restaurant – Mount Holly Springs

On Tuesday October 26, 2010 we cruised over to Laura’s Family Restaurant at 425 North Baltimore Avenue in Mount Holly Springs. The front of the building is an ice cream stand in the summer but closes in mid September. The restaurant is located in the rear of the building. It looks like there is some exterior remodeling going on, they were putting a stone facing on the front of the building. We drove past the workers and parked in the back parking lot. The interior wasn’t too bad, a nice entry way with bathrooms and the check-out area opened into a large room. The decor was country style and there was country music playing on a boom box on the window sill. Our waitress (Misty) got us drinks right away and we ordered from a menu of standard breakfast items, although we should mention they offered the “Mt Holly” which was a large stack of biscuits and gravy for $6.49. We ordered our standard 2 eggs, potatoes and meat, Craig got the sausage links, Bill ordered the ham. Laura herself came out of the kitchen long enough to acknowledge us with a smile and a wave, then disappeared back into the kitchen to cook our breakfast, which arrived in about 5 minutes. It was a nice, large plate of food, the potatoes were well cooked, everything looked really good. The ham slice was nice size, but thin. The sausage links looked good, but Craig indicated they were ok, not spectacular. Looking around we could see that it mostly an older, local crowd, many people seemed to know each other, as well as Misty and Laura. Overall, not a bad place to eat, very hometown local dining. If we would compare Laura’s with the other restaurant in Mount Holly, Bill’s, we would have to say that Laura’s was a nicer, more comfortable restaurant, but Bill’s served us better side orders of ham and sausage.

Category                   Bill                        Craig

Eggs                             2                                  2

Potatoes                      2                                 2

Sides                            2                                   1

Drinks                          2                                    2

Service                        2                                    2

Atmosphere                2                                  2

Cleanliness                2                                      2

Totals                    14 / 21                           13/21

Our breakfast was $12.25 for two, in our medium price range.


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