Carlisle Diner – Carlisle

Carlisle Diner

On Monday November 29, 2010 we went to Carlisle to visit the Carlisle Diner located at 800 W. High Street in Carlisle. The restaurant looked ok from the outside although parking was a little tight, even though they have their own off-street parking. Inside was pretty nice, it had a real home-town diner look and feel. There was a pretty fair crowd of customers, young and old. We were seated by a hostess and a waitress came right over to get our drink order. The breakfast menu was a standard #1, #2, #3 type of ordering and of course we ordered #4 which is two eggs, home fries and sausage. As we waited for our food we listened to some music that was playing, although we really couldn’t tell where it was coming from. As we have found with 90% of the places that we visit there was no TV, jukebox or wi-fi internet available, but hey, it’s still a nice place. Our food came out in about five minutes and everything looked and tasted pretty good. The eggs were large and cooked perfectly, the home fries were slightly browned as we had ordered and we got three links of sausage each. The waitress checked on us several times and refilled the coffee. We made the food disappear pretty quickly, it was a good home-style breakfast in a bustling little home town diner, overall it was a good experience. While we didn’t verify the hours, it seems that the Carlisle Diner is open all night as there are many references on the internet about going there after the bars close. We also found a few posts that seem to indicate that it’s popular with the local kids and college students earlier in the evening.

Category                     Bill                             Craig

Eggs                               3                                    3

Potatoes                         2                                  2

Sides                              2                                     2

Drinks                            2                                    2

Service                           2                                    2

Cleanliness                    2                                   2

Atmosphere                   3                                  3

Totals                          16 / 21                          16/21

Our meal was $12.50 for two, in our medium category.


Wolf’s Diner – Dillsburg

On Tuesday November 23, 2010 we ventured over to Dillsburg to visit Wolf’s Diner at 625 North US Rt 15. We’ve been putting this one off but we finally decided to give them a shot. The place is a classic stainless steel / aluminium diner straight from the 50’s. The building seems to be in so-so condition, we’ve seen better and worse. We went inside and it still looks like a 50’s diner, very small and compact. No one offered to seat us so we walked around and found a booth, but the seat was so close to the table that I couldn’t fit my 185 lb body in, so we had to get up and go look for another booth, this one was a little better but not much. The waitress came over and took our drink order and gave us menus without making eye contact or saying good morning or anything.  I wouldn’t say she was unfriendly, just totally indifferent. So the menu was a little hard to figure out but we were able to order our usual 2 eggs, home fries and sausage. We passed on several tempting menu treats like “The Big Mess” and “The Roadkill Omelette” Looking around we noted that the jukeboxes were still mounted at each table, but all were marked as “Out of Order”. Our table was dirty and so was the floor. We inspected the silverware and at least it looked clean so we crossed our fingers and prayed that plates were clean too. Our meals came out pretty quickly. The eggs were ok, the home fries were actually pretty good, and the sausage was not too good at all. While we ate our waitress sat at the counter adjacent to us and ate her breakfast while carrying on a loud conversation with the other waitress about getting her hair done. As you might suspect by now, their conversation was sprinkled with profanity and there was no attempt to hide it. So we finished and got the heck out of there. The waitress ran the register and again had nothing much to say as she made our change. This is place that we immediately vowed we would never visit again. We  talked about other bad places we have eaten at and Wolf’s made them all seem a bit better. Don’t wast your time,effort, money etc.  

Category                    Bill                           Craig

Eggs                               1                                     0

Potatoes                         2                                   1

Sides                              0                                     0

Drinks                             2                                    1

Service                           1                                     0

Atmosphere                   1                                   0

Cleanliness                    1                                      0

Totals                         8 / 21                                2/21

Our total for two was $10.63

John’s Diner – New Cumberland

Johns Diner

On Tuesday November 16, 2010 we decided to try John’s Diner at 146 Sheraton Drive in New Cumberland. This is the former Eat’n Park restaurant at the Limekiln Road exit of Rt 83 south. We were seated by a hostess, gave our drink order and our waitress (Sarah) brought us menu’s within a minute.   We talked with Sarah a little bit about the menu and the specials. Our favorite breakfast, 2 eggs home fries and meat, was on special for $4.99 (it’s $5.99 on the weekends). We both ordered the special, Craig got the sausage, Bill got the ham and we both asked for our home fries to be cooked slightly browned. We looked around while we waited and the restaurant was very nice inside, lots of plants, well lighted, high ceilings, nice booths and tables. Craig checked the bathroom and reported it was “super clean”. We were impressed by the looks of the building and atmosphere inside the restaurant, it was all very nice. After about 10 minutes our food came out and it looked good too. It only took a few bites to confirm that because everything was really good. Nice eggs, perfect home fries (some of the best we’ve had), the ham was good and sausage was good also, Craig said it reminded him of the sausage links at the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle, which we think are very good. We really enjoyed this meal and we were both filled up by the time we finished. Sarah came back with our check and a coffee refill, we enjoyed talking with her for a minute, but then we had to go. Overall this was a really good place. Nice and clean, both inside and out, the service was great and the food was really good. Our meal was $12.48 for two, in our medium range, we would definitely come back here again!

Category                   Bill                   Craig

Eggs                            2                            2

Potatoes                      3                          3

Sides                          2                              3

Drinks                         2                              2

Service                       3                               3

Atmosphere               3                              3

Cleanliness                3                                3

Totals                     18 / 21                       19/21

Our breakfast was $12.48 for two people, in our medium range.

Mechanicsburg Diner – Revisited

On Tuesday November 9, 2010 we decided to see how the remodeling turned out over at 4729 Old Gettysburg Road, that is, the Mechanicsburg Diner, also known as the 50’s Diner. Once again the place was so busy at 8:30 AM on a Tuesday that we got the very last parking spot, again! Once we got inside we were seated right away. The interior looked nice, it was brighter with a fresh coat of paint and a new tile floor. Parts of the interior seemed more open and airy than before, and the decor was still 50’s and 60’s pictures and posters, but they all looked like they were hung with care this time, so they looked better too. We placed our usual order except we both decided to splurge a little and try the kielbasa, which is basically Polish sausage.  It took about 10 minutes for the meal to arrive, plenty of time to look around and check out the new look. We didn’t see any TV sets, hear any music or see any signs touting Wi-Fi so I guess none of those are available here. Our meal was almost identical to the last time we ate here, very consistent as well as good. The kielbasa was good, split down the middle and fried on the grill. The waitress was attentive and refilled Craig’s coffee and later brought us our check. By then we were noticing that the tables and seats hadn’t changed either, and mine wasn’t too comfortable. We made our obligatory trip to the check out and doled out $12.22, not bad, it would have been a dollar less if we got the regular sausage. Overall a good breakfast at a popular breakfast spot, which definitely looks better inside than it used to. However, we left feeling like it really hadn’t changed that much. I guess we were hoping for some new tables and chairs, maybe a big screen TV, but that didn’t happen.

Update 12-14-2010 – A small fire at the restaurant yesterday caused smoke damage and they will be temporarily closed.

Update 1-20-2011 – Still closed.

Update 2-8-2011 – Looks like they are open again.

Category                       Bill                          Craig

Eggs                                 3                                 2

Potatoes                           2                               2

Sides                                3                                  3

Drinks                             2                                   2

Service                             2                                 2

Atmosphere                    2                                2

Cleanliness                     2                                   2

Totals                           16 / 21                       15/21

Our meal was $12.22 for two, in our medium price range.

Yankee Doodle Diner – Lemoyne

On Tuesday November 2, 2010 the breakfast bloggers drove over to Lemoyne in search of the Riverview Diner. Instead we found that the restaurant has changed hands and is now called the Yankee Doodle Diner. Located at 902 North Front Street in Lemoyne the new management has been operating the diner for two months. They have a modern looking, stainless steel exterior along with easy access from Front Street and off street parking. The hostess seated us promptly and took our drink order. Our first impressions were good, it was nicely decorated, shiny clean and had a decent crowd. We were fortunate to have a very good waitress (Jessica) who took our standard order of 2 eggs, home fries and sausage (links), priced at only $3.25. They also offered ham, bacon and scrapple.She allowed us to specifically order the type of home fries we wanted, such as lightly browned, well browned or crispy.  There was music playing, although we couldn’t pinpoint the source, but it was low volume and sounded ok. Jessica soon arrived back with our breakfasts. The plates were very big, unlike some places we have been. Jessica even offered us syrup for our sausage, a personal favorite and the first place that has offered it. The eggs were good, the home fries were excellent and the sausage links were good, not the largest we have had, but not the smallest either. Jessica checked on us a few times and offered coffee refills every time. Overall we had a pretty good breakfast and enjoyed our visit. This is a place that we would stop in again. Our bill was $10.22 for two people, a very good deal.

Category                        Bill                            Craig

Eggs                                  2                                    2

Potatoes                           3                                   3

Sides                                 2                                    2

Drinks                              2                                     2

Service                             3                                    3

Atmosphere                    2                                   2

Cleanliness                      2                                    2

Totals                         16 / 21                          16/21

Our total for two was $10.22.