Mechanicsburg Diner – Revisited

On Tuesday November 9, 2010 we decided to see how the remodeling turned out over at 4729 Old Gettysburg Road, that is, the Mechanicsburg Diner, also known as the 50’s Diner. Once again the place was so busy at 8:30 AM on a Tuesday that we got the very last parking spot, again! Once we got inside we were seated right away. The interior looked nice, it was brighter with a fresh coat of paint and a new tile floor. Parts of the interior seemed more open and airy than before, and the decor was still 50’s and 60’s pictures and posters, but they all looked like they were hung with care this time, so they looked better too. We placed our usual order except we both decided to splurge a little and try the kielbasa, which is basically Polish sausage.  It took about 10 minutes for the meal to arrive, plenty of time to look around and check out the new look. We didn’t see any TV sets, hear any music or see any signs touting Wi-Fi so I guess none of those are available here. Our meal was almost identical to the last time we ate here, very consistent as well as good. The kielbasa was good, split down the middle and fried on the grill. The waitress was attentive and refilled Craig’s coffee and later brought us our check. By then we were noticing that the tables and seats hadn’t changed either, and mine wasn’t too comfortable. We made our obligatory trip to the check out and doled out $12.22, not bad, it would have been a dollar less if we got the regular sausage. Overall a good breakfast at a popular breakfast spot, which definitely looks better inside than it used to. However, we left feeling like it really hadn’t changed that much. I guess we were hoping for some new tables and chairs, maybe a big screen TV, but that didn’t happen.

Update 12-14-2010 – A small fire at the restaurant yesterday caused smoke damage and they will be temporarily closed.

Update 1-20-2011 – Still closed.

Update 2-8-2011 – Looks like they are open again.

Category                       Bill                          Craig

Eggs                                 3                                 2

Potatoes                           2                               2

Sides                                3                                  3

Drinks                             2                                   2

Service                             2                                 2

Atmosphere                    2                                2

Cleanliness                     2                                   2

Totals                           16 / 21                       15/21

Our meal was $12.22 for two, in our medium price range.


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