John’s Diner – New Cumberland

Johns Diner

On Tuesday November 16, 2010 we decided to try John’s Diner at 146 Sheraton Drive in New Cumberland. This is the former Eat’n Park restaurant at the Limekiln Road exit of Rt 83 south. We were seated by a hostess, gave our drink order and our waitress (Sarah) brought us menu’s within a minute.   We talked with Sarah a little bit about the menu and the specials. Our favorite breakfast, 2 eggs home fries and meat, was on special for $4.99 (it’s $5.99 on the weekends). We both ordered the special, Craig got the sausage, Bill got the ham and we both asked for our home fries to be cooked slightly browned. We looked around while we waited and the restaurant was very nice inside, lots of plants, well lighted, high ceilings, nice booths and tables. Craig checked the bathroom and reported it was “super clean”. We were impressed by the looks of the building and atmosphere inside the restaurant, it was all very nice. After about 10 minutes our food came out and it looked good too. It only took a few bites to confirm that because everything was really good. Nice eggs, perfect home fries (some of the best we’ve had), the ham was good and sausage was good also, Craig said it reminded him of the sausage links at the Middlesex Diner in Carlisle, which we think are very good. We really enjoyed this meal and we were both filled up by the time we finished. Sarah came back with our check and a coffee refill, we enjoyed talking with her for a minute, but then we had to go. Overall this was a really good place. Nice and clean, both inside and out, the service was great and the food was really good. Our meal was $12.48 for two, in our medium range, we would definitely come back here again!

Category                   Bill                   Craig

Eggs                            2                            2

Potatoes                      3                          3

Sides                          2                              3

Drinks                         2                              2

Service                       3                               3

Atmosphere               3                              3

Cleanliness                3                                3

Totals                     18 / 21                       19/21

Our breakfast was $12.48 for two people, in our medium range.


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