Wolf’s Diner – Dillsburg

On Tuesday November 23, 2010 we ventured over to Dillsburg to visit Wolf’s Diner at 625 North US Rt 15. We’ve been putting this one off but we finally decided to give them a shot. The place is a classic stainless steel / aluminium diner straight from the 50’s. The building seems to be in so-so condition, we’ve seen better and worse. We went inside and it still looks like a 50’s diner, very small and compact. No one offered to seat us so we walked around and found a booth, but the seat was so close to the table that I couldn’t fit my 185 lb body in, so we had to get up and go look for another booth, this one was a little better but not much. The waitress came over and took our drink order and gave us menus without making eye contact or saying good morning or anything.  I wouldn’t say she was unfriendly, just totally indifferent. So the menu was a little hard to figure out but we were able to order our usual 2 eggs, home fries and sausage. We passed on several tempting menu treats like “The Big Mess” and “The Roadkill Omelette” Looking around we noted that the jukeboxes were still mounted at each table, but all were marked as “Out of Order”. Our table was dirty and so was the floor. We inspected the silverware and at least it looked clean so we crossed our fingers and prayed that plates were clean too. Our meals came out pretty quickly. The eggs were ok, the home fries were actually pretty good, and the sausage was not too good at all. While we ate our waitress sat at the counter adjacent to us and ate her breakfast while carrying on a loud conversation with the other waitress about getting her hair done. As you might suspect by now, their conversation was sprinkled with profanity and there was no attempt to hide it. So we finished and got the heck out of there. The waitress ran the register and again had nothing much to say as she made our change. This is place that we immediately vowed we would never visit again. We  talked about other bad places we have eaten at and Wolf’s made them all seem a bit better. Don’t wast your time,effort, money etc.  

Category                    Bill                           Craig

Eggs                               1                                     0

Potatoes                         2                                   1

Sides                              0                                     0

Drinks                             2                                    1

Service                           1                                     0

Atmosphere                   1                                   0

Cleanliness                    1                                      0

Totals                         8 / 21                                2/21

Our total for two was $10.63


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