Carlisle Diner – Carlisle

Carlisle Diner

On Monday November 29, 2010 we went to Carlisle to visit the Carlisle Diner located at 800 W. High Street in Carlisle. The restaurant looked ok from the outside although parking was a little tight, even though they have their own off-street parking. Inside was pretty nice, it had a real home-town diner look and feel. There was a pretty fair crowd of customers, young and old. We were seated by a hostess and a waitress came right over to get our drink order. The breakfast menu was a standard #1, #2, #3 type of ordering and of course we ordered #4 which is two eggs, home fries and sausage. As we waited for our food we listened to some music that was playing, although we really couldn’t tell where it was coming from. As we have found with 90% of the places that we visit there was no TV, jukebox or wi-fi internet available, but hey, it’s still a nice place. Our food came out in about five minutes and everything looked and tasted pretty good. The eggs were large and cooked perfectly, the home fries were slightly browned as we had ordered and we got three links of sausage each. The waitress checked on us several times and refilled the coffee. We made the food disappear pretty quickly, it was a good home-style breakfast in a bustling little home town diner, overall it was a good experience. While we didn’t verify the hours, it seems that the Carlisle Diner is open all night as there are many references on the internet about going there after the bars close. We also found a few posts that seem to indicate that it’s popular with the local kids and college students earlier in the evening.

Category                     Bill                             Craig

Eggs                               3                                    3

Potatoes                         2                                  2

Sides                              2                                     2

Drinks                            2                                    2

Service                           2                                    2

Cleanliness                    2                                   2

Atmosphere                   3                                  3

Totals                          16 / 21                          16/21

Our meal was $12.50 for two, in our medium category.


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