Friendly’s – Camp Hill

On Tuesday December 28, 2010 we had breakfast at Friendly’s, which is located at 3125 Market St in Camp Hill. We had to check the website to see if they even had breakfast, but they do and the menu had most of the offerings like omelette, french toast, etc. One thing for sure it was a nice, comfortable place to dine with big cushioned seats and large tables. We ordered the usual breakfast of two eggs, home fries, and sausage. The waitress was nice and there were a few customers. Our food came out in under 10 minutes on very large plates, however the size of our meal didn’t quite match the plates. The eggs were nicely cooked, but not extra large. The home fries were actually potato cubes, good but not quite great. The sausage links were about 2 inches long and you got two of them. Needless to say, it didn’t take long to eat. This breakfast was on a par with the Bob Evans we reviewed a few weeks ago. It seems that you pay more for the name than the food. Friendly’s has great lunches and dinners, not to mention ice cream, but the breakfast was just ok.

Category                     Bill                              Craig

Eggs                               2                                      2

Potatoes                        2                                     1

Sides                              2                                       1

Drinks                            2                                       2

Service                           2                                      2

Cleanliness                   2                                       2

Atmosphere                   3                                    2

Totals                         15 / 21                             12/21  

Our meal was $15.50 for two, in the medium price range.


Perkins Family Restaurant – Camp Hill

On Tuesday December 21, 2010 we decided to try out Perkins Family Restaurant and Bakery in Camp Hill at 7 Erford Road. They had plenty of parking and a nice exterior, but also a nice interior and seating area. The entry featured a case of baked goods that looked extremely good and the prices didn’t seem too bad. We had excellent service here from the moment we walked in the door. Our waitress was very nice and helped us through the ordering process, and it was a process because they had so many great choices. Eggs, home fries or hash browns, sides of bacon, sausage links or patties, Canadian bacon, and toast, white, wheat, texas toast or pancakes.  We looked around as we waited and the place was busy, the help was nice to everyone and the seats were real comfy. Our food came in about 10 minutes, but it was worth the wait. Large plates just full of good food. Ample portions of potatoes, nice large eggs perfectly cooked, 4 sausage links for Craig and 3 pieces of canadian bacon for Bill. This was quite an impressive meal! It took a while to to eat and I was worried that I might not be able to finish because it was so much. The toast even seemed large, even though we got wheat, not Texas toast. Craig got a carafe of coffee, and I was offered a refill on my coke, which the waitress brought in a “to go” cup so I could take it with me. Any more food and they would have to carry us out of there! This was truly a superior breakfast to rival the best that we’ve had in 45 reviews. At $19.46 for two it wasn’t cheap, but we felt it was worth it. We aren’t real big on chain restaurants, but this was an exception. Perkins easily beat Denny’s and Bob Evans in every category, and I predict they will score right up there with the very best privately operated restaurants we have reviewed. Fantastic breakfast!

Category                    Bill                             Craig

Eggs                              3                                      3

Potatoes                        3                                    3

Sides                             3                                       3

Drinks                           3                                       3

Service                          3                                      3

Atmosphere                  3                                    3

Cleanliness                  3                                       3

Totals                         21 /21                          21/21

Our breakfast was $19.46 for two.

Bob Evans – Carlisle

On Tuesday December 14, 2010 we drove to Carlisle to try the Bob Evans Restaurant at 1400 Harrisburg Pike.  They have a great looking building, nice parking lot and of course a very well known name and logo. We walked inside and our first impression was that most of the employees were wearing a coat. It was cold out that day and I guess they turn the heat off at night so it takes a while to warm the place up in the morning because it was chilly inside. They only had a few customers and our waitress immediately took our drink order and then our breakfast order. We both got the “Rise and Shine” which was 2 eggs, hash browns and sausage links. The place seemed clean, the seating was nice, we also noticed that all the employees seemed to be very young. The food came out in about 6 minutes. It looked good, two small eggs, a slab of hash browns and 3 sausage links. There was no ketchup on the table so the waitress brought us one. The food was good, but not spectacular. There was no jelly on the table and we had to flag down our waitress to get some. When she brought the jelly she took our plates and silverware. Luckily there was a single spoon left on the table that we could use to put the jelly on the toast. The coffee refills were liberal, but the coke was a medium size at best and mostly ice. It didn’t take long to polish off that little meal and we were soon headed for the door. Our bill was $19.89, the most expensive breakfast that we have ever had in over 40 places we have reviewed. For less money (with a coupon) you can have an all you can eat breakfast buffet right down the street at the Iron Skillet.

Category                     Bill                   Craig

Eggs                              1                          1

Potatoes                        2                        2

Sides                              2                          2

Drinks                           1                           1

Service                         2                           2

Atmosphere                 2                         2

Cleanliness                  2                           2

Totals                         12 / 21                  12/21

Our meal was $19.89 for two, the most we have ever paid ANYWHERE.

Lemoyne Family Restaurant – Lemoyne

Lemoyne Family Restaurant

On Tuesday December 7, 2010 we decided to try out the Lemoyne Family Restaurant at 247 Hummel Avenue. This is another little restaurant that we’ve been driving past for years but neither of us has ever stopped in. It seems that it has remained unchanged for years too, that bright yellow sign has been there as long as I can remember. So, not knowing what we would find, we parked across the street (no parking lot) and walked in. It was a little larger than we expected, seat your self service, a fairly large dining room with lots of tables and booths. It seemed a little dated, but everything looked to be in good shape, lots of ceiling fans and wood paneling. We sat down and the waitress took our drink order and gave us menu’s. We ordered the usual, which is 2 eggs, home fries and meat, Craig ordered the sausage patties, Bill ordered the bacon. Looking around we noticed a large table of about 8 guys, a couple of singles, and a booth with two ladies. One of the most impressive features were the big windows. The dining area sits a few feet higher than the street and the large windows give a great view. After about 5 minutes or so our food arrived on 4 plates. Wow, what a breakfast. Nice large plates with perfect eggs, perfect home fries and toast, along with a second (salad size) plate with generous portions of sides, 4 large strips of bacon and 2 sausage patties the size of hamburgers. the second plate was also a bonus because it gave us a place to put our toast, something that we have complained about at many other places because we hate having to sit our toast on the table. We dug in and it tasted just as good as it looked. Coffee came with the meal and refills were frequent and our waitress took our plates promptly when we were finished eating. Our meal was $11.98 and well worth the money, we would definitely come back here again as this was one of the very best breakfasts that we have experienced.

Category               Bill                        Craig

Eggs                          3                                   3

Potatoes                    3                                 3

Sides                          3                                   3

Drinks                       2                                    2

Service                      3                                    3

Atmosphere              2                                  2

Cleanliness               3                                    3

Totals                     19 / 21                         19/21

Our meal was $11.98 for two, in our medium price range. A great place to eat,  relax and enjoy a good morning.