Bob Evans – Carlisle

On Tuesday December 14, 2010 we drove to Carlisle to try the Bob Evans Restaurant at 1400 Harrisburg Pike.  They have a great looking building, nice parking lot and of course a very well known name and logo. We walked inside and our first impression was that most of the employees were wearing a coat. It was cold out that day and I guess they turn the heat off at night so it takes a while to warm the place up in the morning because it was chilly inside. They only had a few customers and our waitress immediately took our drink order and then our breakfast order. We both got the “Rise and Shine” which was 2 eggs, hash browns and sausage links. The place seemed clean, the seating was nice, we also noticed that all the employees seemed to be very young. The food came out in about 6 minutes. It looked good, two small eggs, a slab of hash browns and 3 sausage links. There was no ketchup on the table so the waitress brought us one. The food was good, but not spectacular. There was no jelly on the table and we had to flag down our waitress to get some. When she brought the jelly she took our plates and silverware. Luckily there was a single spoon left on the table that we could use to put the jelly on the toast. The coffee refills were liberal, but the coke was a medium size at best and mostly ice. It didn’t take long to polish off that little meal and we were soon headed for the door. Our bill was $19.89, the most expensive breakfast that we have ever had in over 40 places we have reviewed. For less money (with a coupon) you can have an all you can eat breakfast buffet right down the street at the Iron Skillet.

Category                     Bill                   Craig

Eggs                              1                          1

Potatoes                        2                        2

Sides                              2                          2

Drinks                           1                           1

Service                         2                           2

Atmosphere                 2                         2

Cleanliness                  2                           2

Totals                         12 / 21                  12/21

Our meal was $19.89 for two, the most we have ever paid ANYWHERE.


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