Friendly’s – Camp Hill

On Tuesday December 28, 2010 we had breakfast at Friendly’s, which is located at 3125 Market St in Camp Hill. We had to check the website to see if they even had breakfast, but they do and the menu had most of the offerings like omelette, french toast, etc. One thing for sure it was a nice, comfortable place to dine with big cushioned seats and large tables. We ordered the usual breakfast of two eggs, home fries, and sausage. The waitress was nice and there were a few customers. Our food came out in under 10 minutes on very large plates, however the size of our meal didn’t quite match the plates. The eggs were nicely cooked, but not extra large. The home fries were actually potato cubes, good but not quite great. The sausage links were about 2 inches long and you got two of them. Needless to say, it didn’t take long to eat. This breakfast was on a par with the Bob Evans we reviewed a few weeks ago. It seems that you pay more for the name than the food. Friendly’s has great lunches and dinners, not to mention ice cream, but the breakfast was just ok.

Category                     Bill                              Craig

Eggs                               2                                      2

Potatoes                        2                                     1

Sides                              2                                       1

Drinks                            2                                       2

Service                           2                                      2

Cleanliness                   2                                       2

Atmosphere                   3                                    2

Totals                         15 / 21                             12/21  

Our meal was $15.50 for two, in the medium price range.


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