Best Breakfast Restaurants of 2010

It’s that time of year when we get to review the scorecard and present our Best of 2010 List.

Tied for First Place with 21/21 points – Perkins Family Restaurant and Kimberly’s Cafe & Creamery

Tied for Second Place with 20/21 points – The Pepper Mill and Bakers Restaurant

Third Place with 19.5/21 points – The Summit Restaurant

Tied for Fourth Place with 19/21 points – Lemoyne Family Restaurant and Main Street Family Restaurant

Tied for Fifth Place with 18.5/21 points – John’s Diner and The Chow Down Restaurant

Tied for Sixth Place with 18/21 points – Hamilton Restaurant and The Village Square Diner

Tied for Seventh Place with 17.5/21 points – Middlesex Diner and Marie’s Cafe and Hi Life Diner

Tied for Eigth Place with 17/21 points – The Iron Skillet and Ruppert’s Restaurant and Silver Spring Diner

Tied for Ninth Place with 16.5/21 points – Diener’s and Fairgrounds Diner and TJ’s Homestyle

Tied for Tenth Place with 16/21 points – Yankee Doodle Diner and Carlisle Diner and The Country Chef and Denny’s


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