Marysville All American Diner – Marysville

On Tuesday January 25 we drove to Marysville to try the Marysville All American Diner, located at 510 South State Road. This was another place that we had drove past many times but never stopped in. They had a nice looking exterior and lots of parking, although as more cars arrived it started to get a little tight to get in and out. Once inside we were surprised at how big it was and how many tables and booths they had. Lots of customers too, this place was pretty busy. Of course Craig knew someone that was in there and we chatted for a while before we met our waitress, Diane, who got us some drinks and then took our order. They had a standard diner menu, 2 eggs and home fries was on special for $1.49, but we always get sausage, ham or bacon so we had to pay regular price, which was $4.50. It only took about 5 minutes for our meal to arrive on 4 plates. Perfectly cooked eggs, home fries a little brown and crispy, just like we ordered, 2 nice sausage links and a pretty generous piece of ham. This turned out to be a very good meal, we were well satisfied. Diane came back with a coffee refill and took our plates. Even more people were coming in as we were paying, this place seems to do a great business. Their tagline  “Great homemade food and plenty of it” was very fitting. I think this is a place that we would visit again.

Category                  Bill                   Craig

Eggs                            3                           3

Potatoes                      3                         3

Sides                           3                           3

Drinks                         2                           2

Service                        2                           2

Cleanliness                2                            2

Atmosphere                2                          2

Totals                       17 / 21               17/21

Our total for two was $12.24, in our medium price range.


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