Mechanicsburg 50’s Diner now closed – Bakers Diner will build addition

Due to the snow overnight and the road conditions this morning we decided not to go out today.  However this is a good time bring you up to date on some other breakfast news. It appears that the Mechanicsburg 50’s Diner is now closed for good.  We do not know if it has been sold or if a sale is pending, but we have heard that it will re-open as a Hibachi Grill.

Also, according to news reports, Bakers Diner in Dillsburg has been approved to build a 1500 sq/ft addition to their restaurant.

We hope to be back in action next week, weather permitting. Have a nice week, spring is coming!


Newberry Diner – Etters

On Tuesday February 15, 2011 we took a trip down Rt 83 south to visit the Newberry Diner, located at 42 Robinhood Drive in Etters. For those who are not familiar, it is located at the Yocumtown exit near the Valley Green Mall (where they are building a new Walmart). The diner looked pretty good from the outside and had lots of parking. There were a dozen cars parked there, which we took as a good sign and went on in. We were seated right away at a booth which offered just enough room to get into. Our waitress was nice and took our order soon after. We ordered the usual (#4) which is eggs, home fries and sausage. Looking around, the restaurant was pretty nice inside, pretty modern, lots of seating, several TV’s although only one seemed to be working and it wasn’t a real big screen. Our food came out fairly quickly and looked pretty good. The eggs and home fries were good, the sausage links were pretty small and the ham was good, but the slice was thin. The toast was a liitle burnt. I really had to examine my knife before I finally decided to use it, my pepsi tasted syrupy, and the window at our booth seemed to be kinda dirty on the inside. Overall it was an ok breakfast, but I think that the great service and personality of the waitress was better than the meal itself. We left satisfied, but not stuffed. In fact we went immediately to Maple Doughnuts and picked up a dozen to go.

Category                  Bill                  Craig

Eggs                            2                          2

Potatoes                     2                         2

Sides                           2                           2

Drinks                        1                            2

Service                       3                           3

Cleanliness               2                            2

Atmosphere              2                           2

Totals                        14/21                    15/21

Our meal was $10.38 for two, not bad.

Miseno’s Family Restaurant – Plainfield

On Feb 8, 2011, after finding the Country Oven closed we travelled west on Rt 641 about 6 miles outside of Carlisle and stopped at Miseno’s Family Restaurant. Their address is 399 Carlisle Road in Newville. There is a lot of wide open space out there on Rt 641 and this place was like a breakfast oasis in the middle of the desert. Better yet, they were really busy which is always a good sign. We went in, it was a seat yourself place, so we chose a booth by the windows. Our server, Tammy, was right there to get our drinks and take our order. Miseno’s was also running a $1.99 special for 2 eggs and home fries, we were able to add meat to the order for $2. Craig got his usual sausage links, I tried the ham. We commented on how busy they were and our waitress informed us that we had missed the big crowd between 7 and 8 AM, they had to call in extra help. Wow, this is a popular place! They food was good too. Nice big plates that were full. Good eggs, lots of home fries and the sides of meat were satisfactory, not the largest we’ve seen, but not the smallest either. It took a while to eat it all and we were filled up and talking about going home to take a nap! That’s a good sign too! We really liked this place, good food, good service and obviously popular with the locals. We would stop there again. Oh, and on our way out we were looking at some folks that had ordered pancakes and couldn’t help noticing the large blueberries on top. Looked really good!

Category                 Bill                Craig

Eggs                            2                          3

Potatoes                      2                        3

Sides                            2                          2

Drinks                         2                           2

Service                        3                          3

Cleanliness                2                           2

Atmosphere                2                         2

Totals                        15 / 21                 17/21

Our meal for two was $11, a very good value!

The Country Oven – Carlisle

On Tuesday February 8, 2011 we decided to try out the Country Oven at 1245 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle.  We entered the lobby and there was a big sign advertising a $1.99 breakfast special on Monday thru Friday from 8AM to 11AM. It was 8:25 and they were closed. No lights on, no people, nothing! A couple of hotel employees were at the hotel desk in the lobby but they just looked at us and offered no explanation.