Newberry Diner – Etters

On Tuesday February 15, 2011 we took a trip down Rt 83 south to visit the Newberry Diner, located at 42 Robinhood Drive in Etters. For those who are not familiar, it is located at the Yocumtown exit near the Valley Green Mall (where they are building a new Walmart). The diner looked pretty good from the outside and had lots of parking. There were a dozen cars parked there, which we took as a good sign and went on in. We were seated right away at a booth which offered just enough room to get into. Our waitress was nice and took our order soon after. We ordered the usual (#4) which is eggs, home fries and sausage. Looking around, the restaurant was pretty nice inside, pretty modern, lots of seating, several TV’s although only one seemed to be working and it wasn’t a real big screen. Our food came out fairly quickly and looked pretty good. The eggs and home fries were good, the sausage links were pretty small and the ham was good, but the slice was thin. The toast was a liitle burnt. I really had to examine my knife before I finally decided to use it, my pepsi tasted syrupy, and the window at our booth seemed to be kinda dirty on the inside. Overall it was an ok breakfast, but I think that the great service and personality of the waitress was better than the meal itself. We left satisfied, but not stuffed. In fact we went immediately to Maple Doughnuts and picked up a dozen to go.

Category                  Bill                  Craig

Eggs                            2                          2

Potatoes                     2                         2

Sides                           2                           2

Drinks                        1                            2

Service                       3                           3

Cleanliness               2                            2

Atmosphere              2                           2

Totals                        14/21                    15/21

Our meal was $10.38 for two, not bad.


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