Summit Family Restaurant- Lewisberry

On Tuesday March 1, 2011 we visited the Summit Family Restaurant at 670 Yorktown Road in Lewisberry. The restaurant is located on Rt 83 south at the Lewisberry exit. The building is a former Hardee’s restaurant, but you wouldn’t recognise that due to the excellent interior and exterior renovation. The interior was very nice! There were quite a few customers when we arrived and more people kept coming in as we ate. When we left the parking lot was nearly full. We seated ourselves in a booth and our waitress promptly came by with menus and took our drink order. We ordered the usual: eggs, home fries, sausage for Craig ($4.95) and ham for Bill ($4.25). Our meal were ready in nearly record time, couldn’t have been 5 minutes. They really looked great as you can see in the picture above. We could hardly wait to start eating. This was a very good, well prepared breakfast. The eggs were large and cooked exactly as we had requested. The home fries were about perfect, well cooked with some just a little crispy. Craig said the sausage was a little different, but very good. The ham slice was very juicy, a notch above what we usually see in size and quality. Even the toast was perfectly toasted and arrived hot with fresh pats of butter just starting to melt. Big points for silverware, it came in a plastic bag and looked brand new. I hate silverware that looks like its been around since the 70’s. Our waitress was back three times to refill the coffee. It was a quality breakfast. Not so large that we had to go home for a nap, but super good food and just the right amount. They also had a great looking desert case at the cash register, everything in it looked delicious. The Summit in Camp Hill has scored well last year but this sister restaurant in Lewisberry may have surpassed them. We would surely stop here again.

Category                          Bill                      Craig

Eggs                                    3                              3

Potatoes                              3                            3

Sides                                    3                              3

Drinks                                 2                               2

Service                                3                              3

Atmosphere                        3                            3

Cleanliness                         3                              3

Totals                             20/ 21                   20/21

Our meal was about $12.50


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