Country Club Diner – Carlisle

On Tuesday March 8, 2011 we took a short drive down the Carlisle-Harrisburg Pike to visit the Country Club Diner at 1251 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. This restaurant had previously been an Eat’n Park restaurant but was closed and turned into a privately owned 24 hour diner in 2009. We weren’t sure what to expect, having heard rumours that it was expensive, as it’s located right across the street from the Carlisle Country Club. Well, we were in for a pleasant surprise. They had plenty of parking and quite a few customers when we arrived. The interior was very nice, with several seating areas, big screen tv’s mounted high up so they could be seen from almost anywhere in the restaurant. They had quite a few 6 person booths (we sat in one) and they were comfortable.  Our waitress, Beverly, was right there to get our drinks and take our order and she was very attentive to us throughout the meal. As far as expensive, they had two dry erase boards of specials at the entrance and an insert in the menu that listed all the breakfast specials. Our standard meal, two eggs, home fries and meat was just $3.69, one of the best prices we have seen anywhere. When the food arrived the eggs were large and perfectly cooked, the home fries were great and the sides of meat were very good. The two sausage links were plump and good, the ham was a nice slice and tasted good too. Overall it was a nice place with comfortable seating that served really good food at a good price. Our price for two was $10.90, which we thought was very reasonable. By the way this was our 50th different restaurant that we have reviewed on the West Shore.Add the Country Club Diner to the list of places that we would stop at again!

Category                  Bill                          Craig

Eggs                            3                                    3

Potatoes                      3                                  3

Sides                            2                                    2

Drinks                         2                                     2

Service                        3                                    3

Atmosphere                3                                  3

Cleanliness                2                                     2

Totals                       18 / 21                         18/21

The total for our meal was $10.90, very good!


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