L’ Koste Villa Cafe – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday March 15, 2011 we decided to try out L’ Koste Villa Cafe, located at 2151 Fisher Road in Mechanicsburg. Some people may recognize the name, they formerly had a restaurant at 5205 Simpson Ferry Road in Mechanicsburg and are also known locally for their catering. They are located in the bottom floor, in the back of a commercial building near the intersection of Fisher Road and Old Rt 15 (sometimes known as the Gettysburg Rd) just a short distance south of Sheperdstown in Upper Allen Twp. There was plenty of parking and the interior is very nice with a vaulted ceiling, an exposed beam look and modern lighting. They are open for breakfast and lunch. It was a very informal, bistro style restaurant where you order at the counter and seat yourself, but they bring the food to your table. The breakfast menu listed omelettes but they were willing to make whatever we wanted, so we ordered our usual 2 eggs, home fries and meat (bacon and sausage). It took a little longer for the food, but it was very good and well worth the wait. The eggs and sides were good, most notable were the home fries which were sliced thin and cooked to crispy perfection. Coffee was served in large mugs that you could really put your hands around and the plates were triangular shaped. We really felt like we were on vacation. From our table we could see an outdoor dining area but it seemed like we were in some other city or there was a beach nearby. A very nice dining experience and we would visit L’ Koste Villa again. By the way they had a big screen TV in the dining area, super nice bathrooms, a large selection of desserts and their lunch menu included salads and panini sandwiches.

Here is a link to their web site, where you can see some sample menu’s and more pictures:  http://www.lkostevilla.com/

Category                  Bill                      Craig

Eggs                            2                               3

Potatoes                      2                              3

Sides                            1                              3

Drinks                          2                              3

Service                         2                             3

Atmosphere                 3                             3

Cleanliness                  3                             3

Totals                            15/21                  21/21

Our meal was approximately $14 for two people, in our medium range.


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