The Full English Breakfast

During the industrial revolution in England it became popular for workers to eat a big breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, mushrooms, tomato and toast. This became known as the Full English Breakfast, also known as the Full Monty. Sometimes called a Fry Up, all the ingredients (except the beans) are cooked together in an iron skillet with plenty of butter and oil.

Today’s American big breakfast seems to be similar: eggs with bacon OR sausage, with potatoes rather than beans, and toast. Not quite as large of a meal, although our variation that includes a steak could be getting close to the Full English breakfast, both in size and in price. I can imagine that the bill for a traditional Full English breakfast would be more than we normally pay.

Have we ever seen this type of breakfast offered here in Central PA?  Not really, although every place we have visited would gladly sell you two more side dishes, like a second meat and baked beans.  Mushrooms are usually only included in omelettes and we’ve never seen fried tomatoes. The really big breakfasts that we see on the menu here are big American breakfasts with a short stack of pancakes on the side.

Lots of folks, myself included, enjoy having “breakfast supper” once in a while. Next time the urge strikes, I may just have to make a Full English Breakfast for supper.

Please read the comment on this post from our reader Dana.who reports several restaurants in our area that serve the “fry up” or “Full English breakfast”!


One thought on “The Full English Breakfast

  1. Try Ceolta’s on 2’nd Street in Harrisburg. They have a $9.95 Irish Breakfast special all day, every day. It’s usually up on the board but ask if you don’t see it.

    T. Brendon O’Riley’s (at the Sheraton East Hotel) serves a Fry Up on their breakfast menu.

    I haven’t been here but Patsy Fagan’s Irish Pub in Lebanon also serves it as well.

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