The Middlesex Diner – Carlisle

On Tuesday March 29, 2011 we took a short trip down the Carlisle Pike to visit the place where our breakfast journey began, the Middlesex Diner, located at 1803 Harrisburg Pike in Carlisle. They have a nice big parking lot, a nice looking building and a nice interior with plenty of seating. As usual they had quite a few customers for breakfast, with a constant stream of people arriving as we ate. We were promptly seated by the hostess. She took our drink order and quickly returned. Our waitress arrived soon after, maybe a little too soon, but we knew what we wanted so it was ok. Maybe this is the place to talk about waitresses. The more memorable ones seem to be the ones that approach your table with a “good morning” or “how are you guys doing today”. They smile, they ask if you want a refill or if everything was ok, they say stuff like “have a good day” at the end of your meal. The less memorable ones don’t say much, rigidly take your order, slosh coffee in your cup on the way past your table and lay the check on your table without a word. Maybe that comes from working in a busy place, maybe they’re having a bad day, or maybe they just aren’t very socially outgoing anyway.  At any rate our waitress took our order and took care of us, nothing more memorable than that. The food came pretty quickly and it was a good breakfast. It was all piled on one plate, no extra room for your sides or toast, but it was good. The sides are always good here. The home fries could have been a little more crispy, they were kind of wet today. The eggs were good, although buried under the sides and the toast. Overall it was a good breakfast, as usual at the Middlesex Diner, although a “good morning”, a plate for your sides and a placemat to put your silver ware on would have been nice to have.


Eggs                             2

Potatoes                       2

Sides                            2

Drinks                         2

Service                        2

Atmosphere                3

Cleanliness                2

Totals                      15  / 21

Our meal for two was $12.24, in our medium range.


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