Colonial Park Diner – Harrisburg

On Friday April 29, 2011 the breakfast stop was the Colonial Park Diner at 4301 Jonestown Road in Harrisburg, across from the Colonial Park Mall. They are a busy 24 hour diner located at a big intersection. I’ve been past this restaurant a thousand times, but this was my first actual visit. The crowd was dying down as it was getting close to ten o’clock when I arrived. With thirty minutes to spare I took a seat at the counter and ordered the $1.99 breakfast special. I had a few minutes to note that the place was clean, there were lots of booths and tables, there were more than twenty people dining at the time, and there were at least six women that seemed to be working at the counter or out on the floor. My plate arrived and it was a nice surprise. The eggs were large, the home fries covered half the plate and the toast was almost perfect. The home fries were notable, they were like a slab of potatoes that was cooked crispy brown on both sides but softer in the middle. The food was pretty good, I felt comfortably fed and was on the road again. My thrifty side was a little jilted when I realised that my drink cost as much as my meal, but ended up with a quick breakfast for $4.22, not too bad.  Without going through a categorised breakdown I would simply give this diner a “Good” rating of 14 / 21, which is 3 stars out of 5.


Ressler’s Bagel & Deli – Mechanicsburg

On Wednesday April 27, 2011 the breakfast stop was at Ressler’s Bagel & Deli in the Windsor Park Shopping Center in Mechanicsburg. There was plenty of parking, a nice looking store front and when I got inside there were 3 people ahead of me, but the wait was very short. I ordered my favorite breakfast bagel, a blueberry toasted bagel with egg and cheese. Within minutes I was seated with my bagel and a newspaper. The interior was nice and roomy, with 9 tables to choose from. Everything seemed very clean and cared for and the ladies working the counter were very good. The bagel was great and maybe tasted even better because it was priced at a very reasonable $2.39. Ressler’s is open 7 days a week, Mon-Fri from 6AM to 3PM. Saturdays from 7:30AM to 2PM and Sundays from 7:30AM to 1PM. Their menu includes all kinds of bagels, muffins, lunch salads and lunch sandwiches. They use and sell Boar’s Head meats and cheeses too. Bagels with toppings cost between $1.22 and $2.82, muffins are $1.99, cold cut sandwiches cost between $4.52 to $5.75 and some specialty sandwiches like Rueben’s and Rachel’s are $5.95. Their bagel breakfast sandwiches range from $2.17 to $5.15 depending on what you order.  They do catering and sell party subs too. Ressler’s is a great place, good prices, quality food and has a large selection to choose from.

Bob’s Bagels – Lemoyne

On Tuesday April 26, 2011 the breakfast stop was Bob’s Bagels, located at 1201 Market St in Lemoyne, across the street from the West Shore Plaza. Bob’s Bagels is located in a small plaza so there is off street parking and has easy access to a red light so you can easily turn either direction on Market St. It was a cute little place with about 6 tables inside and at least one outside. We’re guessing that a large part of the breakfast bagel trade is “to go” so six or seven tables is probably enough. Everyone was friendly and attentive and I ordered a blueberry bagel with egg and cheese. It only took about 3 minutes and I was seated and reading a complimentary newspaper while enjoying a very good bagel. I was surprised to see that Bob’s Bagels is open from 6AM to 2PM during the week and 7Am to 2PM on Saturdays. They offer breakfast bagels any time, and they have a nice lunch menu with Philadelphia style Hoagies, salads, soups and pizza’s made from fresh bagel dough! They also cater for office parties, platters and special occasions. Bagels with toppings ranged from $1.95 to $3.15, breakfast bagels ranged from $2.50 to $3.75, and the bagel pizza is $4.75 (only one size available).  Salads ranged from $4.25 to $5.95 and the soup of the day was $3.25. Philadelphia style Hoagies (not cheese steaks) range from $4.25 to $4.75 for a small (5″) and $5.19 to $5.75 for a large(10″). They told me that they get fresh hoagie rolls from Philly daily. My egg and cheese bagel was very good and I’m anxious to come back for a creme cheese bagel or a bagel pizza!

The New Little Johns Family Restaurant opens in Carlisle

According to the Carlisle Sentinel the Brick House Restaurant in Carlisle has been sold and the new owner has now re-opened as “The New Little Johns Family Restaurant”. This comes after the restaurant closed on March 3, 2011 for a police investigation which resulted in the arrest of the owner, who then sold the restaurant.

Here’s a link to the newspaper story:

We hope to visit the new restaurant soon and give you a review of their breakfast!

West Main Family Restaurant – Mechanicsburg

On Tuesday February 14, 2012 we revisited the West Main Family Restaurant at 710 West Main Street in Mechanicsburg. We had a really good breakfast, just like our first  two visit. You can use the search box on this site to locate our last review for “West Main”. Once again we were seated right away, the food came out quickly and it was very good, complete with shiny silverware, separate plate for the sides and a placemat to put your silver on. The waitress was very good and the place is just sparkling clean. We did notice a new air purifier system has been installed. West Main was one of our top 5 places last year and they are still as good as ever.


Eggs                           2                     3

Potatoes                    2                       3

Sides                         3                        3

Drinks                       2                          2

Service                      3                         3

Atmosphere             3                           3

Cleanliness              3                           3

Totals                    18 /21                  20/21

Our meal today was about $12.50, in our medium range.