Colonial Park Diner – Harrisburg

On Friday April 29, 2011 the breakfast stop was the Colonial Park Diner at 4301 Jonestown Road in Harrisburg, across from the Colonial Park Mall. They are a busy 24 hour diner located at a big intersection. I’ve been past this restaurant a thousand times, but this was my first actual visit. The crowd was dying down as it was getting close to ten o’clock when I arrived. With thirty minutes to spare I took a seat at the counter and ordered the $1.99 breakfast special. I had a few minutes to note that the place was clean, there were lots of booths and tables, there were more than twenty people dining at the time, and there were at least six women that seemed to be working at the counter or out on the floor. My plate arrived and it was a nice surprise. The eggs were large, the home fries covered half the plate and the toast was almost perfect. The home fries were notable, they were like a slab of potatoes that was cooked crispy brown on both sides but softer in the middle. The food was pretty good, I felt comfortably fed and was on the road again. My thrifty side was a little jilted when I realised that my drink cost as much as my meal, but ended up with a quick breakfast for $4.22, not too bad.  Without going through a categorised breakdown I would simply give this diner a “Good” rating of 14 / 21, which is 3 stars out of 5.


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